Medium-Lg office running off of 5 Sonos speakers (Lots of connection dropping)

  • 1 October 2019
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Hey All,

I've recently joined a company that has 5 Sonos speakers throughout the office.

Right now the main issues we're having is when I try to group all 5 speakers the connection will drop pretty frequently. In addition to this after I create a group with all the speakers they seem to Ungroup themselves.

I'm wondering if it is worth it to buy a Sonos Boost for helping with the issues i'm having. I'm just worried that considering the location of where I would have to plug the boost in that I might just have more of the same issue (Network closet is kind of far away from a couple of the speakers).

Any help here would be much appreciated!



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3 replies

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Hi Aaron

Office environments today often have multiple Wi-Fi access points (AP) to keep the signal strong across a wide area. Is your office configured in that manner?
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I'd send Sonos a diagnostic next time you have an issue, within a few minutes and post the number here or directly contact Sonos using the options on the contact page here. While you are waiting some things you might think about/try.

Any of your speakers in a location you could plug them in? Almost as good as a Boost for the networking. Follow the Sonos FAQ steps for switching to Boost mode for best results.

Could you plug in more than one speaker, the more plugged in the better from the standpoint of the Sonos mesh network.

Are you using a Sonos that is close to the WiFi AP for your group controller (the one you select and then add others to on the group screen) to minimize network traffic?

If you look at your network matrix are any connections showing issues? Replace my IP with one of yours:
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Plugging one of your speakers into ethernet in the office would be the same as plugging in a boost pretty much. You would then be running Sonosnet. Are the speakers within about 40ft of one or the other - then Sonosnet will work well.