"Manage folder" (to update music library etc. ) for Sonos controller on Mac greyed out

  • 12 January 2019
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I updated my Sonos controller on Mac (OSX 10.10.5) and updated all my sonos speakers. So my Sonos system runs on version 9.3.2 and all my speakers are running on version 9.3.

However the controller on my Mac greyed out all items under the "manage folder" in the Sonos menu.

I already have my Sonos set up since years, and never experienced this.

It worked all fine until some months ago.

Can somebody give me advice on how o tackle this issue?

Thank you,

Best answer by controlav 12 January 2019, 20:21

OSX 10.10 is now only partially supported per - to manage your library you need 10.11 by my reading of this page.
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6 replies

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OSX 10.10 is now only partially supported per - to manage your library you need 10.11 by my reading of this page.
Hi controlav,

Thank you for your reply. I updated my mac yesterday, however it still mentions OSX 10.10.5 It seems that I can not update my mac to OSX 10.11 Any suggestions how to get my Mac to an OSX 10.11 version?

Please note that even on the Sonos app (version 9.3.2) on my phone, I also have no access to my previously installed music library.

How do suggest solving this problem?

Thank you for the help.
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I am not enough of a Mac user to answer your upgrade question, sorry. If the music you are trying to play is physically on that Mac then I would expect the phone app to have trouble getting to it.
If your Mac doesn't have the availability to update further, than the device is older hardware, and Apple won't allow you to update further as it won't run the newer OS. Which means that the controller app won't be fully functional on that device, but can still be used to play music, just not manage things around setups. See

That being said, there's absolutely no reason why that would affect the music library, if it exists on the Mac, rather than somewhere else, and it should be reachable by the 9.3.2 Sonos controller app on your phone. You just need to be sure that the pointer in the Sonos controller app is pointed at the correct library location on the Mac. Read
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The table on that page says that OSX 10.10 is "partially supported" therefore cannot "Add a new music library share or update music library index". If it can't update the index, then the phone isn't going to be able to play stuff from it.

I finally managed to add the library via the sonos controller app on my iphone.

It is working and now I'm also able to see the music library in my sonos controller on my desktop.

Thank you for your help.


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