Mac system Sound w/ Play 5 (v2), Play 1 & Boost

  • 29 December 2018
  • 2 replies

Hey there! After my Play:5 v1 died I got it replaced with a v2, I also was given a Boost and I just got a Play:1.
I have a classic Mac Pro (5,1) MacOs Sierra.

I know that Sonos does not play well with Mac sound but w/ my previous Play:5 I simply ran a cable (1/8") from the out on my computer into the jack on the back of the Play:5 but now with the Boost and Play:1 in the mix I was wondering if anyone could recommend the best way to set up this speaker for primarily MAC SYSTEM SOUND I have a small apt and I use my computer for everything...

Any thoughts?
p.s. - I also have a Synology DS1813+ NAS if you can think of a cleaver way of integrating that but that is not 100% necessary... I do have my massive iTunes library on there and that is how I have previously have played music from iTunes (just the normal "system" way with the library simply stored on my Synology NAS)

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2 replies

OK so I set it up like I had it before BUT I AM HAVING ISSUES.
So right now I have the Play:5 (v2) connected to my "Line Out" on my Mac and the Play:5 Plays fine.
However the Play:1 will drop and loose signal quite frequently even thought it is in plain site to the Play:5 and about 12ft away.

If I am understanding the way that the BOOST works adding that to the mix will not help things. is that correct? as 95% of the way that I will be using this system will require my Mac's sound (w/o delay) the BOOST won't do anything correct?

I would greatly appreciate some advice on improving this set up!

btw - When streaming from my device (iPhone 7) I would have both Sonos's cut out and just stop claiming connectivity issues... when I am using it that way I believe I am only using my WiFi and again all of this happening in 2 small rooms and my wifi is pretty damn strong and I have never experienced any connectivity issues with any of my devices, programs. or NAS's in the past.
OK, I'll take a stab at this.

1) The data from the mac is saturating the line in, and there's either too much data, or some sort of wifi interference that's causing the PLAY:1 to lose signal. Might be worth at the least reviewing the wifi interference FAQ, and I'd give some consideration to changing the setting on the line-in to "Compressed". I believe that might add some delay to the signal processing, you'll have an extra delay, but no signal loss. It's important to note that Sonos isn't designed to be used as computer speakers, so what you're doing here is a major kludge...and no matter what, you're always paying at least a 70ms delay when using the analog input on the PLAY:5, so that the Sonos can buffer enough data so that it can be played across all speakers simultaneously. And no, this delay can not be removed, it's built in to the Sonos software, and not exposed to us in any way. This is why (I presume) Sonos doesn't advertise or recommend their system as computer speakers.

2) Adding a BOOST is unlikely to do anything for you, given how close your speakers are to each other.

3) Since you have PLAY:5 gen 2 speakers, you may want to consider the possibility of using AirPlay 2 to send the signal, rather than connecting a wire. Not sure how this impacts a delay in the sound, but should be a zero cost test for you to try.