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  • 12 December 2018
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I have two sonos one speakers. Previously connected and working properly. One speaker dropped off the network and I am unable to locate it. Unplug the speaker, plug it back in, LED blinks white, then turns orange showing that it is connected to the network. Still unable to locate it in the app or on PC. No option to add new speaker on the PC or in the app. Just went through the new update with only one speaker connected. How do I add the speaker that is not showing up on the system since there is no option to add new speaker?

Best answer by Paulw123 12 December 2018, 11:07

You can since v9.3, only add sonos devices via a mobile device, not a pc or mac.
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4 replies

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You can since v9.3, only add sonos devices via a mobile device, not a pc or mac.
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But you don't need to add is new since it was working before.

If previously working and you haven't hard reset it - plug it in to router and see if it comes up in your system. If it does and your running wifi only normally with no Sonos unit hooked to router...go to settings...advanced....wifi settings on mobile device and reset the wifi credentials.
I found the problem. I was using an old android phone as a controller. The sonos app did not have all of the same settings or options on it as the app on a new android device. Set it up jist fine with a newer android phone
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Only android v5.0 upwards is fully supported. Your old device was probably stuck on v4.4 and only partially supported.
See requirements:-