Linking Beam and S1

  • 7 December 2018
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I bought a pair of Sonos 1s and a Beam for the TV all in the same room. Set the pair up for Stereo. Was thinking I could use the beam as a 3rd speaker, but I guess I did it as a separate "room". Looks like I'd have to unpair all this and set it up as surround sound. Goal is to use the beam as additional speaker when TV is off. Looks like setting up stereo for the pair prohibits me using beam as a 3rd speaker so they all play together. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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4 replies

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I'm not sure why you don't just Group the Beam Room and the Paired Ones Room and play your music on the Group. A couple clicks on the Room menu.
As Stanley said, group them together for music.

From the Now Playing screen, hit the Rooms tab. On the room you wish to group to, hit Group. Select the rooms you want grouped, hit Done.
I would personally take a slightly different route, I would 'bond' the two Play:1’s to the Beam as a 5.0 surround sound setup all in the one Sonos Room.. then I would go into the “Room Settings/Advanced Audio/Surround Settings” and set the music playback option to 'Full' instead of the default 'Ambient' setting.
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Ken's suggestion is a good one if you want the Beam to be your primary speaker.

I was thinking of having the small speakers (not sure if Play 1s or Sonos Ones) as primary for music with their better stereo image.