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  • 17 January 2017
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We use 3x Sonos at our workplace and the person who registered/linked the system has quit now.
1. I'm trying to link the system to my Sonos-account but both in the iOS app and MacOS app I get internet error using the guide here.
I can login, choose the closest player but then the guide skips the step pressing a button and just goes to trying to connect and then fails. Internet is working 100%
How do I move the linking?

2. We really don't want the system to be linked to any person. We really liked using the sonos app without having the "We found at least one player that's not linked to your sonos account..."
How do we unlink them and continue to use without any password etc?

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2 replies

Do you have lots of playlists, favourites etc? If not it may be easiest to factory reset the lot, set up from scratch and reregister to an office email. Not to be recommended if there is stuff you want to keep.

I am really not sure about other options available to you so you had better wait for other responses before you consider factory resetting. I am not entirely clear what you were trying to do in what you describe in poinf 1,
I following this guide "I don't have access to that mail"