It looks like one of your speakers could be unplugged. Go to Room Settings to see! Newbie needs Help

  • 17 September 2016
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Please need some advice.

So I went and brought a playbar, sub and 2 x Play 1's for the full surround sound experience.

I got home, successfully linked everything together and enjoyed the great sound Sonos offers.

However the next day I opened my Sonos controller App on my iPad and get "It looks like one of your speakers could be unplugged. Go to Room Settings to see which one is missing." I go to room settings, and my playbar is missing, I check it's all plugged in, there was no power cuts, but it's still missing. I try to re connect it but when pressing the play/pause button to get the orange light, my controller picks it up as a Sub.. So no I reset all my speakers and start again...

After I have re done everything, added all the speakers to the network, everything is working fine, I enjoy another great sounding film.

Low and behold, the following day it does the exact same thing, I open my sonos controller and bam... same message, and playbar again is missing?..

Is it normally to have to re add everything everything you want to listen to a film? It's so fraustraring

Would really appreciate some advice.

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5 replies

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Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like you have your Playbar connected to your router via direct Ethernet as opposed to using a Sonos Boost or Bridge in-between. If that's the case you may be experiencing an IP Address conflict with Sonos and another device. This can be especially so if you changed routers.

IP Address conflict - To resolve the issue do the following in the order listed:

Turn off (which sometimes means to unplug) all clients that are wired to your router including Sonos
Turn off any wireless clients
Reboot your router
Log into your router an make sure the wireless setting isn't programed to power-off (Eco-mode) at a certain time over night
Set up Sonos
Setup other wired clients one by one
Turn on other wireless clients one by one

Let us know if this resolves the problem. If not we'll look elsewhere.

Good Luck 🆒
I am experiencing the same problem. My soundbar and 2x Play:1's seem to disappear (set up as one room).

I have to reset this in order for it to work. I've attempted the above fix but again it's still not connecting.

Please help!
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I am experiencing the same problem. My soundbar and 2x Play:1's seem to disappear (set up as one room)


If by "disappear" you mean you cannot see the room (Playbar and Play 1 x 2) in the Sonos Controller settings and assuming you've done a proper reset (router, sonos and other clients to resolve an IP Address Conflict) here are few things you can do. They are listed in order of "failure" to resolve your problem (meaning if #1 doesn't work then proceed to #2 and so on)

1. If using routers WiFi as the unifying wireless make sure All Sonos is connecting via the 2.4GHz band (post the brand & model of router you are using)
2. Connect Playbar (or other Sonos speaker) via Ethernet to router to create a Boost setup and eliminate routers WiFi as the unifying wireless
3. Run a diagnostic and post the Reference ID here in the forum and contact Sonos direct if you don't get a response by early next week.
4. Introduce a Sonos Boost as the wired client (last resort and option to be used if router and a Sonos speaker are not in close proximity to each other to create an ethernet connection)

Although obvious but sometimes overlooked in a reset (and if by "disappear" you mean there is no sound)...

1. Make sure TV is set to use "external" speakers with optical out
2. Make sure the optical cable is securely connected and not faulty - Just because you can see the red light at the connection point of the optical cable to the Playbar doesn't mean it isn't damaged. Try another optical cable to be sure.

Post back with your results and Good Luck!


Are there any ethernet switches and/or range extenders in play?
I am having this issue right now.

In the baby's room - one on each side of the room for stereo sound. Worked for a while (1-2 weeks without a powercycle) but now this message. By the way an upgrade was performed a week ago. Have a wireless setup with fairly comprehensive coverage - three bridged access points for the house.

Situation is that both speakers are powered up but one is being indicated as powered down by the iphone app and I can't play music on it.

Really home/wish there was some good tools to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions?
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So an immediate question that pops to mind....

"Baby's room"... do you have a wireless baby monitor? These have been known to totally obliterate wifi networks/device connectivity in their area from the amount of "noise" they can generate. Perhaps one is close to the disconnected speaker?

Just a thought....