Issues connecting SONOS to Virgin Media

  • 23 February 2019
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HI Everyone, I have had my SONOS products for a few years now (3 PLAY1's, a PLAY 5, Sub and Soundbar. I love the kit and never had any issues. I have been on Sky broadband for a while and yesterday I switched to VirginMedia broadband, and their new Media Hub 3. The internet is working fine and the speed is very good, but it will not connect to my SONOS network. I have followed the instructions on my iPhone SONOS App with connecting 1 speaker to the router, wait for flashing white light etc, but it simply does not work. The light just flashes white, and then the light just goes off, or the light flashes white, then turns to stable white, but won't connect to the Virgin hub. Has anybody had the same problems or does anyone have any idea for the solution? I have also tried resetting the Hub etc, but no luck. I have also read that Virgin has issues with SONOS, and seeing as my SONOS worked just fine on Sky, i am thinking the issue is with Virgin, but not SONOS..... but if anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful !


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6 replies

....I also have the SONOS Boost setup (forget to mention that)...
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There are reported issues with the Virgin SH3 if Sonos devices are connected to more than one of the router's wired Ethernet ports. This is likely to be because the SH3 doesn't handle STP traffic correctly. Apparently, if you hang all the wired Sonos devices off a single port on the router by using a separate, intermediate switch, it works OK.

You could try connecting just the Boost to the router, and seeing if the other speakers will then work wirelessly (connecting to the Boost).
Thank you very much for your reply. Much appreciated.
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I'm clinging on to our VM SuperHub2 as long as possible, the SH3 is very problematic. Some have used it in "Modem Mode" and connected a proper wirelss router to it, may be an option if you have more problems?.
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I can also confirm that the SH2 works fine with Sonos (using multiple Ethernet ports).
VM sent me a new SH3 when I upgraded to the TiVo V6 box; I sent it back.
Hi, I am new to Sonus. I added my Play1 to my network. No issues. I have a Virgin Hub 3 connected to some stuff. Also POE connection to a Cisco Wi-Fi generating two separate Wi-Fi. I have my Sonus connected to the Cisco without issue. Only installed yesterday.