Interference when playing from LineIn

  • 22 February 2012
  • 1 reply

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I wonder why i get interference, but only when playing from the Play5 LineIn. (Have tried two Play5:s and different sources)
It's like if i use the iphone or ipad to download something while listening it interfears with the music.
And yes the WLAN router is on channel 11

The Sonos setup is a Bridge and 2 Play5:s
On the WLAN-router there can be afew mobiles, a iPad and 2 computers.

1 reply

Line-In can be the most demanding in terms of bandwidth and delay tolerance.

If you're not bothered about sync with video, try setting the Line-In device to "Airplay Device" in the Room Settings. This will increase the buffering (and hence delay) somewhat, making things a bit more robust.

You can also experiment with setting Line-In to Compressed in the Advanced Settings, though this will add more delay and reduce quality somewhat.

Whilst these options may attempt to mitigate the effects, they don't address the root cause which appears to be a wireless interference issue between WiFi and Sonos.

WiFi is set to channel 11. Is any '40MHz'/'wide'/'turbo'/'up to 300Mbps' option enabled? If so disable it.

What channel is Sonos using? With WiFi on ch 11 you should try Sonos on ch 1 or 6. Alternatively swap WiFi and Sonos around.


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