Interested in the Beam 5.1 Surround sound package but had some questions about setup

  • 4 September 2018
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Looking to buy the Beam + Sub + 2x Ones but had some questions..

I'm planning to have my TV mounted onto the wall (with a pull-down mount from MantelMount). The wall mount that I bought has a soundbar adapter to hold soundbars I think:

1. It looks like Sonos uses Enjoy for delivery + setup but I was wondering if they can do anything about concealing the wires?
2. Does the installation professional also help attach the Sonos Beam onto the wallmount? Do I also need to buy a wall mount kit? (NOTE: I am not attaching the Beam to the wall - my wall mount is the kind where you can pull it away from the wall and in front of the fireplace, so I was wondering if they also handle installing it onto my wall mount)


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4 replies

Did you figure this out? I'm in the same boat and looking at the MantelMount MM540 but want to know if I also need the Sonos Beam Wall Mount kit?!

I am buying the MM540 too. Did you need to do anything special to mount the Beam on the sound bar bracket on the MM540?

It looks like there MM540 has a soundbar attachment that you mount via screws in the back of the soundbar.  The Beam mounting screws are in the bottom.  You would need the Beam wall mount linked below.  Mount the Beam wall mount through the oval holes in the back into the MM540, screw the Beam to the Beam wall mount through the screw holes in the bottom.

Thanks for getting back