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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Zone software is out of date

My controller displays the message "Zone software is out of date, select to update system". If I press OK, I then get a message to say that the software is up to date but, when I then go back to the...

Linkstation 32 chars issue

Interesting reading the solutions on here regarding the 32 chars issue. I have now managed to connect to my linkstation using Transmit via ftp, and to copy thousands of files including a lot with file...

Problems with Rhapsody

Hi My Rhapsody connection will work fine for a few days then all of a sudden will cut out and give me the message 'unsupported format' for all titles in the playlist. Has anyone else experienced thi...

controller problem

just set up my new system,all works ok from desktop but after connecting controller to first zp, controller will only display zone menu screen,my three zones are there and next to each is the message...

Other Inputs (CD, Satellite)

This may be a bit basic but: 1. If I hook up my CD player to a Zone Player, can other Zone Players (i.e. other rooms in my apartment) play that CD player as well? 2. Can you hook up Sirius or XM...

Desktop controller

Just got my new Sonos system and I am not disappointed. Can someone tell me how to set up the desktop controller on additional computers? Do I have to go thru the same sutup routine as I did with...

Error trying to play through second ZP

Hi Just installed a 2 ZP system Wired Zone 1 is fine Wireless zone 2 gives an error when I select a song to play Cannont Connect to PCname because the server cannot be found Any ideas thanks Nick

wireless networking...

Hi - I'm trying to setup the sytem without 'hard' wiring the first zone player. I have wireless repeaters throughout my home which all connect back to my wireless router. I really need to use the wi...

Website does not work correctly to order?

Sorry to post here but my emails have gone unanswered to sonos. Finally decided to purchase last week, but system refuses to take my very valid German issued VISA card. Begins 4907 and has never bee...

Need Help

Hi I am new to this system and i am trying to firgue out how this system works and stuff so i have a a couple (mabye alot) of questions. 1. I need 8 zones and want the cheapest option. 2.I want it al...

which nas is best for me?

so there i go... i ordered my sonos system and am looking forward to recieving my 6 zoneplayers shortly. i am now looking into buying a nas. my local dealer has following solutions to offer: http://w...

Very tempted to buy....

Hi, I am very tempted to buy Sonos having just seen it in action for the first time. I have been interested since it was launched and I think it is a great product. However, I am one of those users...

Protected AAC to AIF, then to FLAC. Bad idea?

Forgive me if this has been covered here. I searched and didn't find this specific scenario. For my iTunes purchases, I understand I have to burn to cd and then re-rip them to a format that Sonos can...

Can't Specify Music Folder

When I ran the set-up assistant, The question of "Where is your music?" never appeared. Now the set-up assistant is the Desktop Controller and there doesn't seem to be any way to specify the location...

wireless remote range

What is the range I can get on the remote from one unit? Is it about the same range as a WiFi unit from an avg router? Thanks

Ripping Format

I want to store all my CD's on a LinkStation. What software should I use that will give me the best quality and add all the Tag (artist,Album,Song etc) and album cover art automatically. I am a PC Use...

ZP integration into existing 5.1 system

do I have to expect any interference when setting up ZP with my existing 5.1 system. ZP -> receiver line in to use the existing 5.1 speaker system receiver line out -> ZP to distribute DVD content a...

Multiple Controllers?

I have searched the forums on having multiple controllers, but I have not turned up anything. I am curious if you can have multiple controllers, and if so, can contollers be limited to only controlli...

Updat error 1013

I am setting up a second zone player and it asks me to update the system. after a few minutes I get an error "Internal error RUpdate=1013" Any Ideas?

Error Setting up Zone

I am trying set my third zone player and I am getting the following update error: Internal error RUpanteStatus = 1 Any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks

Moving from MAC to PC

Hi, I am a new user and currently have my music on a Mac and use ITunes.. I do however have a PC that I could use. Everything I read on this forum seems to say that its much easier to use a PC platfo...

Outdoor pattio with the Sonos...

Is anyone out there enjoying their sonos on the pattio? If so what speakers are you using? Are they wired/wireless? If wireless, does it interfere with the Sonos streaming?

Netgear NAS

So with all the talk on NAS devices can anybody advise if the new Netgear SC101 unit is suitable.It will be hooked to my router.It does require software on the Pcs to see it as a drive. time2drink

Install problems

I just purchased my Sonos and haven't gotten very far before I've run into install problems. Controller on power up says it's SW is out of sync with the Player SW version and it needs to update. OK....

Syncronising sonos music with PC Music

I've just set up sonos using my existing (devolo) powerline network. I have two ZPs (kitchen and livingroom). My computer, with its sound card and speakers, is the study. What I was wondering is ca...


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