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Changing orientation of Sonos Playbar

I have changed the orientation of my Sonos Playbar from lying it flat on my TV stand to mounting it on the front of my TV stand. Do I need to update any settings in the sonos controller to get the bes...

iTunes on encrypted drive

I have my iTunes files on an encrypted drive on a Mac Pro. I moved this drive to a new iMac. iTunes works fine with this drive. Sonos cannot add this music folder in the Sonos app. On the phone with S...

Audio Books borrowed from library

How do I use Sonos to listen to audiobooks on Overdrive?

connecting hifi to sonos connect and sonos play 1

I have just bought a sonos connect to play my hifi and hundreds of cds but it doesn't work


Soundbar will not update. No matter what I do. I have 8 other sonos products with the soundbar being the newest to my system. I have tried everything even unplugging the other devices and trying to up...

Do I need to attach both speakers to ethernet cables for outdoor stereo?

I'm doing a landscaping project and my outdoor dining area will be around 70mts from my router so wi-fi isn't guaranteed. I'm going to install both Play:1 speakers under a marine-quality PVC canopy to...

Cabling Playbase to Boost

Hi everyone I have one question that maybe doesnt make any sense, is there any improvement if i connect Playbase to Boost instead using SonosNet? Playbase is just 50cm/20inch away fromo Boost Thanks...

Sonos One with Alexa. Does NOT work in Canada????

I purchased a new Sonos One with Alexa today and went through the normal setup... then I find out that Alexa on Sonos does not work in Canada..... this sucks.

Setting Up Playbase with LG OLED55E7P Remote

Hello all, I have recently purchased a LG OLED55E7P TV and want to get its remote to connect with my Playbase. I follow the directions in the controller app but it never sees me pushing the volume up...

Need to replace CONNECT with CONNECT:AMP?

I have a Connect that works great with my playbar, Play3, and several Play1's. i'd like to add some outdoor (wired Bose) speakers into the mix, but my understanding is that the wired speakers can onl...

Play 1 stop woking

Recently I had two of my play 1's connected as surround sound and in one movie I noticed the surround sound not working so I removed the surround sound and left the speakers stay separate. Later I no...

Moved to a new wifi and location

I have setup two Sonos ones at my apartment. Now I have bought a new apartment and the wifi has changed. I moved one of the Sonos ones and factory reset it. Then I set it up on the new wifi and used m...

Wireless Setup Error

Hello, recently I’ve just taken my Sonos One speaker to and from a friends house. When arriving I was able to reset the controller and connect without issues. As I’m getting back, I’m in the process o...

Setting up Sonos again

Play3 and subwoofer not working; no wifi connection

Problem with reconnecting Play3 in a working system.

I have a good working Sonos system with one Play 5. I tried to reconnect two Play3 players that were disconnected a few month ago. I got some errors so I reset them but I still cann't connect them....

Unable to link music library

After upgrading my desktop and laptop to windows 10, I am unable to link my music library, on either machines. I have tried to disable the antivirus,firewalls etc... nothing works. I always get the "c...

How to reinstall after unplugging/moving from one plug to another (Play1)

Every time I unplug a Play one and move it within the same room, but to another part of the room, the entire system breaks down. Is there an easier way? Iv'e now moved them, and I'm screwed again. The...

How to move speaker to new room?

In my living room, I have 2 Play:5's (stereo paired) and a SUB. Within the Sonos Controller app, all three components are in the room named Living Room. In my office, I have 2 Play:1's, also stereo...

New User Play 3 Connection Problem

Hi. Got my Sonos equipment yesterday, bridge and a play 3. Sonos software found my Bridge at first attempt, ssytem then downloaded latest firmware, had trouble adding the play 3 (wireless) it kept s...

Strange Lan/Network Issue

Hi, i have a strange problem. My lan is: Router 1* Switch Netgear 24port Managed GS728TPP attached to the router 3* Switch Netgear 8port Manager GS110TP attached to the GS728TPP switch At moment i h...

Play 5 power input

I need to extend the power cable to my Play 5. Is it OK to use 3AMP 3-core lighting flex?

Keep getting red light

Hi i keep getting red light when i am supposed to press both buttons simultaneously

Only Play:1 fails connection to Sonosnet, MAC/SN corrupted or router issue?

Just switched to new wifi Draytek Vigor router, now Play:1 refuses to connect via Sonosnet (Bridge plugged in to Vigor provides Sonosnet). A bit weird this one - 2x Play:3 and Play:5 connect fine, but...

Moving speaker to another location

Hello, I want to take my speaker to my daughters birthday party. They have Wifi we can use so I wanted to check if it is simple to log in and link to my Sonos speaker? I have only just set up my new...

Cant connect with my SONOS Play:One

Hi when I am trying to connect to my Play:One it just doesnt work. I tried it with my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, a Iphone X, an Ipad 3 and Ipad something. But everytime it just gives errors, when I try t...


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