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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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From wireless to cabled

I have bought (a few weeks ago 4 each sonos1 and installed them all wireless. All items work perfect. I have bought an extra sonosplaybar and new TV and prefer to install these items wired. Can I do...

Can I replace stereo amplifier with Sonos Amp to power whole-house, hard-wired speakers?

I currently use a stereo amplifier to power my whole-house hard-wired speakers. I have individual volume control in each room, 6 rooms total. So one set of speaker wires to the amplifier and each room...

Teac TN-300 set-up w/ Sonos Connect? Adding wireless microphones w/ Sonos Connect Amp?

I have a brand new Teac TN-300 record player with a built in amp. I want to hook it up to existing Sonos speakers. I have a Sonos Bridge, but I believe I need to buy a Sonos Connect to replace the Bri...

Setting up a Sonos 3 to my new sonos play bar.

I setup the playbar and it works well with my TV. I was wondering if it is possible to hook up my existing Sonos 3 speaker to the playbar? It seems they only offer choices to add a surround pair?

Sonos in 2 houses

How do I use the Sonos system in 2 different houses? I have it setup in my main house and works great. I’m trying to set it up in a vacation house and I can’t get the new playbar to stay connected aft...

Sonos causing MiFi 8800L to drop wireless and reboot frequently.

I have a Verizon MiFi that I use for Internet access at my house since there are no other internet options for my location. After setting up and installing Sonos controller and (3) Play 1 speakers, th...

Wifi Extenders

Will a normal wifi extender work with Sonos? I have tried using a Boost but to no avail. I am trying to get the Sonos signal out to my detached garage about 75 ft. away. The nearest speaker in the...

Sonos Components & Google Mesh WiFi - Go WiFi or SonosNet?

Greeting and apologize for what is likely a repeat question. We have 4 Sonos Play:1's, a Sonos Connect and 2 Sonos Bridges...Bridges....not Boosts....all of varying ages. We've had frequent app conn...

Sonos and Meraki

Does Sonos work with a Meraki Network?

setting up system without a bridge. (remove it and set up system)

I just saw that you no longer need a bridge with your sonos system. Yay. But how to i remove it and set up my sonos to play with out a bridge? All players are running the most current version of...

Connecting Sonos Beam to Soney BRAVIA Sync

I cannot connect my Sonos Beam to my Sony Bravia TV. When I first set up my Beam, it was shown on the BRAVIA Sync Device List as "Sonos." Afterwards as I was trying to connect my Beam to a Sonos One...

TV+Beam+Sonos Amp+Surrounds

Hello Sonos Peeps! My setup is as follows: Sony Bravia 65" Beam connected to TV via HDMI ARC. Ethernet form beam connected to router Yamaha in ceiling speakers for L+R Rears connected to Sonos Amp So...

Play 5 Gen 1 to new Samsung Smart TV

How do I connect my Gen 1 Play 5 ( two network connections and two 3mm connections on the back) to my new Samsung TV. Thanks Dan

Sonos One as surround speakers

When setting up two Sonos One speakers as my rear surround speaker I get an error: "Configuration issue Your speakers could not be prepared Please check your wifi network and the power supply" Both...

Keyboard volume control

Is there a way to use keyboard on PC to control the volume of the speakers without having to click on the controller app eg if I am using another application and want to quickly adjust volume?

Unable to re-connect Sonos Playbase

I have a home setup of (2) Play:1s and (1) Playbase. I've been using it for about a year and a half without issue. I recently came home from a trip to find my Playbase somehow wasn't being recognized...

sonosnet in environment with mesh wifi (eero, google wifi, etc)

If I install a mesh wifi system (like eero, google wifi, etc.), will sonosnet still work? And what should I do about sonosnet channel vs the mesh wifi channels?

Connect Amp In Ceiling surrounds

Can you use a connect amp with in ceiling architectural speakers without Ethernet connection?

Sonos was unable to add the music folder

Longtime Sonos user, with Play 3's and a 5. Recently changed all the wifi and IP addressing scheme of my home network. I tried to update the location of my music library in the Windows Sonos app, and...

Playlist creation

Sonos one how do you create a playlist on your Samsung tablet from songs on the tablet

How to stream CONNECT output to outdoor bluetooth amp

I have an outdoor setup with an Amphony microFidelity Bluetooth Receiver (model 300) wired to a couple of analog Polk Audio external speakers. I use it by routing my Music app on my iPhone to Bluetoot...

getting the best out of Spotify

Hi, New Sonos user and Spotify subscriber here and I’m hoping for a bit of advice. I’ve got a Sonos connect hooked up to my amp and speaker (old hi-fi set up). I signed up for Spotify premium and set...

New Speaker Install Confusion

After receiving a new Sonos One on warranty to add to my existing Sonos One, I’ve wound up in a weird scenario: plugged in my new replacement, got the green flashing light, went through set up normall...

Projektor Epson + TV decoder - how to Let the sound on Sonos One?

Hello everyone, does anyone know how to let the sound works on my Sonos One in connection with Epson projector (TW 6700) and TV decoder? Currently TV decoder is connected to projector but I would like...

Small Mixer for Computer Input

I have three or four audio sources, including a Sonos Connect, that I want to input into my computer which only has one audio input. I would like to get a small, set-and-forget, mixer to handle this....


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