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Layout for Ceiling Surround Speakers

Greetings. Please see the attached of my 32 X 24 great room/kitchen. I could use your advice. I currently have components in blue, essentially a SONOS playbar beneath my flat panel. I would like t...

Trying (and failing) to connect a Connect

I am trying to connect a Connect to an existing system - a Bridge and a Play3. Absolutely no luck at all - not a peep. I've tried on the wireless and on the wired networks (which can see each other) I...

New router, only one speaker recognized

I just installed a new router and followed the instructions when doing so. I plug in my 5 and then the app populates with all four rooms, but as soon as I disconnect the five they disappear. anyone h...

TV Not Supporting 5.1 Thru Optical

I just purchased the Playbar, and 2 - Play: 1’s for my surround sound. I have a 4K TV, Xbox one X and PS4 Pro, all running HDMI into the TV. Optical cable from TV to the Playbar. The Playbar is showin...

Speaker Set up

Hi all, I have a large kitchen/ lounge area, In the lounge I have a playbar, sub & 2 play 1’s as a home theatre. I have recently purchased 2 play 5’s in the kitchen. I now have in my Sonos rooms Kitch...

Where has all my favourites and playlists gone

Just had to replace my bridge yes I know I don’t need it but I had a spare and it’s all wired for a bridge do thought it would be easy to swap it over thing is since I did I’ve lost all my playlists...

Error 1101 on second unit Play3

I relocated from Australia to Indonesia. I bring alone my 2 units of Play 3 . First unit I can set and update, 3 weeks after, I got the time to set up the se ond Play 3. It cannot update . I am settin...

Sonos speaker drop

Sonos speakers quit working then over the course o the day they gradually quit working and would not connect. Luckily the customer support dosent work on the weekends. For the price I paid I was hopin...

no longer have old email account,so trying to add my new one!!!

no longer have old email details and want to use my new email account, nightmare trying to change,please help

Rear positioning of Beam?

Hello - I just purchased a Beam to be entire sound solution for a large projection screen. Based on the positioning of my screen, it will be difficult for me to mount the beam above the screen, which...

Play:5 Won’t Connect to WiFi Network

Hi, First time Sonos user, apologies if this has been asked and answered before but I’m not seeing any guidance for how to resolve. Am trying to set up a Play:5 to connect to my network; setup fails...

Email Address change not working

Tried to change my email on my account and it says the new one is already "taken" -- yet my login and password are still associated with the old email. Help. I need to cancel out this old email.

Play 1's Nightmare!

Well, what a nightmare this is! Never have I been so frustrated with setting up anything on any network! 2 x Sonos Play 1's arrived, I've had them 3 days now, and STILL they refuse to connect to my...

How to ruin an otherwise great speaker

Not that long ago, I was looking to purchase a usb speaker for home and was looking for some reviews about some of the very best speakers qualty/price wise that one can find. Needless to say, SONOS s...

How to Connect Sonos to WD My Cloud

Have just installed a 2Tb WD My Cloud. Have placed a few mp3 files to the Music folder. My Sonos app does not 'see' the folder (or anything on the device). I have a shared folder on a Windows 10 ma...

Using Sonos on mobile hotspot without ethernet

Hi, Im considering getting free data on my phone and not setting up a home network. This means i would only be using my android phone as a hotspot, with no ethernet uplink. Is it possible to use m...

Router blocking connection with setup

Hello, I moved recently and took my Sonos one with me. Whilst setting it up wirelessly it blocked the setup process after entering the password. I then figured out where the router was, and tried to s...

Remote control volume buttons do not work when TV is on

Hi, I have recently bought Playbar and I have one issue with remote control. I can stream music via Sonos Controller to Playbar, I can also connect Playbar and my TV (LG UH750V). I have configured re...

Password protection

I use a shared wifi and i just want to use my speaker without someone else using it in my dorm building. I can't have a separate router so can we please update the products to have a password protecti...

Problems with surround installation

Hello, I have 1 playbar and various Sonos Play1s. I bought 2 Play1 to create a surround with the playbar, but when I try to add the left Play1, the installation procedure doesn't connect with this Pla...

Sonos Playbar set up: attached to articulating arm wallmount or not?

We are remodeling our master bedroom and adding a playbar and two sonos ones. The TV will be wall mounted above a fireplace on an articulating arm so that it can be turned to accommodate TV watching...

New Play ones

I just purchased new play ones for my home entertainment system. However when I went through the setup process, my left speaker seem to connect but not my right.

Help Setting Up Sonos Connect AMP

I am a newbie at this and we just bought a house with an existing speaker system built in. I’d love to be able to connect our Sonos One’s to it and use Sonos housewide. After reading and asking ques...

Need assistance please! Connect Amp setup

Just getting started with Sonos and I'm trying to figure out what I need. I know I'm going to need a Connect Amp because I have a set of outdoor speakers as well as a set of in ceiling speakers that...

Can Sonos be used to create a mesh network of your existing 2.4 wireles network?

Can Sonos be used to create a mesh network of your existing 2.4 wireles network?


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