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Onkyo Receiver/ Turntable/ Sonos Connection?

Hey there. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of moving towards sonos surround sound. Currently I have two Bose 301 series bookshelf speakers, a Klipsch 12" Subwoofer (that doesn't work), a U-turn...

SiriusXM ID password error

I am trying to set up my Sirius XM. I have an account but keeps giving error that user id password is incorrect. I have gone directly into the Sirius website to confirm my user ID and password are c...

In-Ceiling Speakers?

Hey, I've recently moved into a new house which has in-ceiling speakers, but I'm a total newbie to sound systems and need some help understanding the best way to set it up. There's an RCA wall plate...

Any point in connecting just 1 PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker to Playbase

I just purchased and installed a Playbase after my old Sony System died. I love, love, love (...) the sound and can't see why anyone would need to add subwoofer. The Quality of sound on the Sonos i...

Sonos Connect to Play 5

I am trying to get the Sonos Connect to connect to the Play 5. I cannot seem to find how to do that in the Sonos app. I am trying to connect a turntable to the Play 5 via the Connect. Any help is much...

Streaming with D-link AC2600

I just changed my router to a d-link ac2600. When I plugin my sonos into the new router (with one component wired to the router), I don't have access to my online services (google play, spotify, etc)....

Food van

I have a food van and I want to rock the joint while we're prepping. I was thinking that I could get a travel router, use my phone as a wireless hotspot and have a play one to provide the beats. Firs...

Temporarily Separating a Stereo Pair of Sonos One Speakers

I have a stereo-pair of Sonos One speakers as (Living Room). I'd like to be able to occasionally separate the pair and use one as a stand-alone speaker in another location. I can separate the ster...

Play: 1 can't find Synology DS216+II

I've been thinking about Sonos for some year, and finally stuck my toe in the water with a new Play:1. Unfortunately, like many here, I can't make it work. 1. Set up Sonos and wifi access to network....

Sonos Play 1 Speakers

I will be receiving 2 new Sonos Play 1 speakers today. I will be using them as a pair of speakers inside our TV/Entertainment room. My question is I'd like to take one of the two Play 1 speakers and b...

Sonos quits playing while using Pandora

I open my Sonos app and then open my Pandora App. I start playing music via Pandora, most of the song plays and then it quits playing and I get a pop up that states "open Sonos App". I open the App a...

Setup - Sonos One / Alexa / Wired network only

My situation: Corporate Network / Authentication for the wireless is Active Directory Integrated (requires username and password). So I have been told I cant put the Sonos system on the wireless unle...

Playbar Setup Issue

Trying to connect our brand new Playbar to our PC. Have tried everything including cable instructions as previously suggested by the Sonos community here. Any other ideas? Not happy that i have just s...

Play 5s (2nd gen) Won't reconnect as Surrounds

I've had a pair of Play:5s (2nd Gen) connected to my living room Playbase+Sub for a year. We rearranged the room and they were powered off for 24 hours. After reconnecting, the room shows Sub+?+?....

Two Users - Same Household

I just registered our new Sonos One and added skills to it via Alexa. I added my husband to my Alexa household, so he was able to create a profile. However, when he tries to add skills from his profil...

Latest update has screwed my system

All speakers removed...try to add them back and it’s asks for the email used to set up the system....but that’s not the email registered to my account! I can log in to my account at sonos but the stup...

How can I connect my Sony TV Model KDL-52W3000 with no Optical connection?

How can I connect my Sony TV Model KDL-52W3000 no Optical connection connection to my Sonos Soundbar?

Surround sound

Hi everyone, I just recently bought the Sonos one. I already own the play1 and sound bar. I went to set up the surround sound but need either 2 Play 1s or Two "ones". Is there anyone i cause use both...

Setting up with Australian NBN kills internet/WiFi

Hi, I'm in Australia, and I've just been connected to the NBN (National Broadband Network), which comes with a new NBN connection box, as well as a new network router (with WiFi). I have the Sonos co...

Only two speakers will connect to Sonos system

Diagnostics Number: 8168656 I have 3 speakers in my house, a Sonos Play 1 and two Sonos Play 3s. Along with that, I have a Sonos Boost. I connected the units and was able to get them running for a...

No Amazon Music service

I have an Amazon Music account but my Sonos app doesn't show it when I try to add the service. Any suggestions on getting the service to show up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Line-in, no WIFI, no app, create a stereo pair......help!

Hi all, I could do with some help please. I am planning on taking my 2 x play 5's to the local village hall to use as a sound system for a Cub Scouts disco. There isn't any wifi there, and my colleagu...

Temporarily Separating a Stereo Pair

I have two Sonos One speakers that are normally setup as a stereo pair as "Living Room (L+R)". Periodically I'd like to separate them and take one of the speakers to a different room to act as an ind...

Unable to control playbar volume with TV remote

I've tried some suggestions on this board but can't, for the life of me get my Samsung one remote to pair with my playbar. Playbar doesn't recognize it at all. I have a Samsung ks8000 series TV. Help...

Frustrating experiences

The first couple of Play 1s in the house were fine, worked first time and apart from the frequent and irritating updates on a seemingly weekly basis, we were all happy. Jump forward a few months and...


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