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Having a heck of a time connecting sonos to aruba IAP 215. I have disabled broadcast filtering, created a sonos airgroup with recommended services added. I have enabled DLNA and all airgroups services...


Is there a way to set up a wireless network using my phone as a hotspot for my Playbar,sub and 2 play 5’s to watch the game in surround sound and also stream music. Any help or tips would be awesome....

Confused on setup, new owner need help

I am having Geek Squad set up my new Samsung 65 inch that will be wall mounted with my PlayBar and Sub. I also have my router/modem, my Roku, and Android box for kodi. Sales guy said to Ethernet the m...

How to set the network device name for a Sonos:AMP or Play?

I'm setting up my home network to wire all of the sonos:AMP and PLAY on an ethernet network. When viewing the connected devices on my router though, I see one device name SonosZP, and a bunch of unnam...

Trueplay fails in quiet room

When I run the setup in my office, Truplay fails every time about mid way through. The app says the room is not quiet, but it is very quiet. My speaker is on my desk facing my seated position facing a...

Playbar w/ TCL Roku

FYI - The TCL tv with the enhanced Roku remote does NOT use IR for volume (confirmed with TCL support), hence it is NOT compatible with changing the volume or the Playbar. In our case we decided it...

Surround Configuration with Asymmetrical Left and Right Play 1's Position

Hello, I'm using 1 Playbar with 2 Play 1's. The problem is that because i have the Right Column closer to the playbar that the Left one (4m VS 7m, due my house architecture), the sound of my Right Co...

How many speakers can you connect to a playbar/playbase/beam?

Heya. I am trying to figure out all the combinations you can create a home theater with. I know you can create a "5.1 system" by having a playbar/playbase/beam + 2x Ones or Play:1. But I have two q...

Play5 lost wifi connection - solid amber light - factory reset completed. Works when connected to Ethernet

Hi There, I have had a Play 5 for a year or so, and a couple of months ago it lost wi fi connection. I have spent the past day trying to fix it. I have reset the device, reset the wifi, reset the othe...

Data Collection: Why?

On my phone I get asked to "allow location access". Sorry but no. There is no need for this. On my PC I get asked to set up an account. No I do not want to set up an account. What are my options here?...

Connecting a new Sonos Connect Amp in a Cabana

Hi all, Currently have two Sonos Connect's which are connected to eachother in a basement location that run a few rooms inside my house and a backyard porch. I want to setup a Sonos Connect Amp in...

Amazon music

I cannot add amazon music, it is not listed with the other music service options. I am in Canada, is that why?

Connecting Turntable to sonos

Hey guys, I have recently bought a Rega Planar 2 turntable with a Onkyo TX-NR686 Amplifier and a sonos connect. I understand that the turntable doesn't have a Preamp so am I able use the Onkyo amplifi...

Sound Drops using turntable

I bought a Pro Ject turntable and wired it to a Play5. I bought the Play5 as opposed to connect so I can use the Play5 on my porch in the Summer. The turntable has a pre amp. I play the music on tw...

Playbase TOO LOUD in surround sound setup - OVER POWERS sound on Add-on surround speakers. PLEASE HELP.

I have a Playbase and just added (2) Play 3's. The Playbase is under my TV and when sitting at center, it is 11' 3" in front of me. My (2) Play 3's are only 4' 2" behind me and spaced approx 4.5" ap...

Beam with Connect:AMP

I currently have a Sonos Connect:AMP (with speakers and a sub attached). If I purchase a Beam soundbar, wilt I be able to use the Beam and the Connect:AMP (with sub) together?

Playbar - Did I make the right choice?

Hope i made the right choice ?????

Sonos PLAY:1, Setup finds new player serial # then says not connected

I am trying to add a new PLAY:1 to my system, I have a PLAY:5 and (4) PLAY:1's already working. The new speaker consistently fails at the point where you are asked to press both buttons to add it to...

Sonos using my front theatre speakers

I have a Main Level set up in Sonos; i would like to add my (2) front speakers in my surround sound area to the main level.

Playbar with 2016 LG TV?

Has anyone been able to get their LG remote to control the Sonos Playbar Volume? I have the OLED65B6P and have tried everything I've found in the forums with no luck.

Connecting Play 5 to TV

I tried connecting the speaker with a 3.5mm jack to the analogue Audio out (RCA) on the TV with no success. So now - from a suggestion in the forum - I have connected to the head phone outlet on the T...



Wifi password change

Help! I changed my wifi password and now can not connect any of my Sonos products. I followed the video instructions, connecting one speaker via ethernet cable to the router but its still not workin...

Changing the root

Hello i have purchased a boost and moved a bridge to the furthest point on my system and hard wired it to improve the network quality. My issue is the new boost is not listed as the root and it is now...

Difficulty all around

Bought two Sonos One, Play 3 and the Bridge. Was he’ll connecting them in the first place but eventually it did.. Seemed the signal was not strong enough due to these concrete walls here in Okinawa,Ja...


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