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Sub placement problems

Hi all, i´ve quite recently bought a sub and a beam soundbar that im trying to tune in, but i´m having som issues. The sub carries very little bass through the living room, as the setup is now (place...

Synching the new AMP with other rooms

I am about to put some outdoor speakers in my garden and like the look of the new AMP which seems to have a decent amount of power for them. Before I go ahead and pull the trigger I wanted to check 2...

New SUB: no light, detected, not connected

Just bought a new SUB but I think it has a hardware fault. At no point does a light come on. It's got power because the system detects a new SUB, displays its MAC address, and attempts to connect. Set...

Operation failure message when trying to add a new speaker

When I try to add a new speaker from 'settings - More - add speaker' via the SNOS App which I have just updated, I get a message saying "Operation Failure - Sorry this feature is unavailable right now...

Sonos PLAY:1 is not working on Cisco Wi-Fi

Hello, One of my customers requested to connect Sonos PLAY:1 to their Cisco Wi-Fi network. Versions and models: - Cisco WLC 2504 (8.3.141) - Cisco AIR 1602I lightweight (CAPWAP to WLC) - Cisco ASA 5...

Samsung TV ARC HDMI issues

I have a Samsung TV (MU6290) and a Sonos Beam. I can get audio to work through the optical port no problem. However I would like to use the Beam via HDMI (ARC) port. After trying everything i could...

Cable Box audio output in stereo only

Hello Sonos community. What if the cable box (Spectrum CISCO unit) will not output 5.1? Spectrum cable TV only has stereo audio via HDMI The digital 5.1 option is even "greyed out" on the settings me...

BEAM with TCL Series 6

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how the ARC functionality would work with the TCL Series 6 through ARC Would you foresee me being able to control the volume of the BEAM through the standar...

New Sonos One not connecting

I purchased a new Sonos One speaker to connect to my existing network of 6 speakers, but each time I try to connect it either via the WiFi or the Ethernet cable it keeps stating it cannot find the spe...

3 pairs of new in ceiling speakers

When setting up a new Sonos Amp with 3 pairs of the new Sonos by Sonance in ceiling speakers, what would the wiring set up look like? parallel, series? also, what are the implications of using a spea...

How to play iTunes songs from iPhone?

New Sonos owner, haven't found an answer to this question yet, apologies if I'm overlooking something obvious. I have mp3s/downloaded songs on my iPhone. How can I play them back on my Sonos? The onl...

The new AMP for surround sound with Sky and PS4

Leaning towards the new AMP to solve quite a few problems including outdoor speakers. But also going to want to use if for surround sound. I see it has only 1 HDMI in. If I want both my Ps4 and my S...

What Cat is Sonos cables?

Hi guys, Do any of you know what Cat the Sonos cables are, that is included with the speakers? Best regards,


Hej, Just bought a Sonos One and connected Spotify with the Alexa app. I have trouble Alexa accessing the Spotify music. I set Alexa up to UK and sonos app too. My Spotify account is Swedish, migh...

App "Volume Limit" problem...

Volume is too loud when I turn on the TV, using a Logitech Harmony Elite remote control. When selecting the Sonos speakers in the Harmony app, there appears to be a sliding bar from zero to 100. I'm a...

Trouble adding play 1 to existing speaker

I have a an existing play bar and have just recently purchased 2 x play 1 speakers. I am having trouble setting up the 2 play 1 speakers. I some how managed to set them up separate to the play bar bu...

Add a Sonos speaker to Echo's "Everywhere" group

Can one add a Sonos speaker, or two, to Amazon Echo's "Everywhere" group?

Sonos Beam - Bass rumble too strong

Hi there I am using a Sonos Beam with two Sonos One as a TV speaker setup and to play music in my living room. My neighbours complain, that they hear the bass rumbling very strongly. Strangely, the...

What would you do?

I just moved and have a collection so to speak of Sonos and Bose products I'm trying to bring together. Not sure what to do with some of my Sonos components. I have 3 x connect amps and 1 connect not...

Sonos on separate router?

Hi all I’m a recent Sonos user I’m very happy with it and want to install some in my mancave at the bottom of the garden Although an extension from my main router the mancave has its own connection...

Use of the new AMP with CONNECT

The new Sonos AMP looks great. A question: I have a Sonos Boost and a Connect linked to an existing (ancient) amplifier, CD player and good KEF speakers, as well as a Play:3 and a Play:1 in the house....

iTunes playlist importing issues

Hi - I used to have my iTunes playlist in the imported playlist folder. Noticed as I updated playlist or added new ones it would not update in the Sonos controller. I deleted my Sonos music library...

Projector Hookup

I have a projector in my basement and I am having issues streaming sound from the projector. I have an Onkyo receiver...do I need to get a Sonos Connect and connect it to the receiver in order to str...

Connect Amp, Gen. 1, Multiple Speakers

I have a left/right set of speakers connected now to RCA connectors. Can I add a second, single stereo speaker? If so, is there any way to have it work as a separate room in the app?

Sonos & Amazon Prime

So. We've got a Sonos One here, and have previously used it with Spotify. This played through the app on the phone and to the Sonos without issue. However, I've now moved onto Amazon Prime and I've a...


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