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Unable to play .... track not encoded

Hi, I've setup a new Play 1 - works great with laptop. Also installed a WD iCloud which also works well, however when linking Sonos to network songs will skip half way through and error message 'unab...

Remote wired connectivity

I have a connect:amp in an outbuilding beyond my wifi. I have it connected via cat5 cable to another connect:amp within wifi reach. Since converting to a 'BOOST' setup this remote connect is not bei...

can't add my music to the sonos

Hi, i have my sonos a couple of years but never encountered problems adding my music from a hard disk to the system but lately i get the error that there is not enough room. Is there a maximum amount...

Problem with Two Play3 only one visible on the app

Hi, Now is three days that I’m trying to install two Sonos Play 3 with some difficulties. Both are connected to the WiFi, but the app on the Iphone and on the Ipad recognize only one Play. If I discon...

Initial system set up question

I'm setting up a new system using the Connect attached to an internet switch centrally located in the house. Can I initially set it up on my router and once it's been set up move it to it's final loca...

How to Allow SONOS control from Netgear ORBI Guest network

I have a full-home SONOS system including 12 Zone Players (old style amps to Play 3s). Overall the system works great! All the players are utilizing SONOSNet as indicated by "WM: 0" in Help->About M...

Will my Sonos Play 3 work in another location?

Hi, I'm hosting a birthday party for my son at a local community center, which has a wireless network. Can I bring my living room Sonos to the venue, connect to their wireless network and then stream...

New Eeros networking

I can’t seem to connect my Sonos to my new Eeros network. Please help.

weak wifi

Change wifi

Wifi range

If I buy a wifi booster as my existing signal is at its limit in the room that I use my sonos play1 and the controller drops out, should the system work ok through the new wifi booster....or should I...

Whole Sale

I would like to find out infomration concerning whole sale sonos or becoming a partner with them, as I am setting up a home automation service IN the UK

Excellent out-of-the-box experience

I have a handful of Sonos components that I've purchased or received (best gifts ever!) over the years. Even before I could experience the great sound in various rooms in my house, I was very impress...

Aansluiten bestaande sonos boxen op nieuw wifi netwerk

Een aantal jaar geleden hebben we aangeschaft: 2 keer Play:1, 1 keer Play:5 en 1 keer Playbar. Deze boxen waren aangesloten om een sonos systeem (wifi) in onze vorige woning. We zijn onlangs verhuisd...

connecting two devices

I have a soundbar which I have connected to a BT box as my tv doesn't have an optical cable socket, the BT box is connected to the tv and the sound works well, the problem I have is I also have an app...

2 playbars 2 televisions- music on each

I have a playbar, sub, and two play 3's downstairs. The playbar is hooked directly to the router via Ethernet. Everything works amazingly. I would like to add a playbar to the television upstairs....

Multiple Sonos systems.on different networks

If I install a Sonos system at my lake house in addition to my home system, is there a way to have saved playlists available to both systems?

Sonos One / Amazon music integration issues

Hello. Hoping someone can help. I set up my dad's Sonos One at my brother's house on Xmas connecting it to my Amazon Music account. All good. Worked fine. Getting back to dad's house I did a factory r...

Sonos in Dorm Room

Hey everyone, I recently got my sonos play:5 and bridge to take with me to my college dorm room. Unfortunately, the room is set up so the ethernet jack is as far away as possible from an outlet and I...

Volume settings fro alarm

With some trying I managed to set the Alarm for my play5 just at the volume that I wake up without jumping to the ceiling. I like to have some way to "copy" that setting to a new alarm, either by copy...

VOLUME Limiter & PARTY mode preset volume (equal level)

As most of you probably know most of the receivers have a Volume Limiter and Startup Volume. It's been that way close to 20 years. Sonos should LAB reference what is the highest any of their respectiv...

Linking Beam and Connect

Hi.....I've just joined and i hope this topic is not dealt with elsewhere. I have a Connect and a Bridge. The Connect is linked to an amplifier and non Sonos speakers. i intend to buy a Beam for anoth...

Sonos out and about.

HI Just thought I'd share this tip. If you want to use your Sonos system (or part of it) out and about. You can use the "wireless hotspot" feature of a phone to create a wireless network and then con...

Sending music from iPad to Sonos1

Hi all. (I’ve done various searches but I’m unable to find an answer.) I’ve set up my Sonos 1 with Alexa and I can ask for songs, radio stations, etc.; however, when I have trouble being understood...

Podcast Update

I have recently started listening to Podcasts on Sonos. I have subscribed to several podcasts and downloaded the most recent episodes using Itunes so they are on my computer. After the download, the n...

My child changed my account to them

So I have not used my Sonos for a while myself but was aware my daughter was using it I moved recently and she’s in Australia now I went to reset up and use the system One speaker worked fine the oth...


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