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Lost playlist

Without changing and saving anything, a current playlist destroyed a valued Sonios playlist playlist. WTF? Can i recover it ?it

Replacing my Wi-Fi Router

I've been using Sonos for about a year and all works great. I have a Bridge connected to my Linksys "N" router, and I'm getting ready to replace this router with a new Linksys "AC" router. Is there...


Hello, I have just purchased a Sonos sound bar, and it great, But i can put the Resource cd in my apple disk drive to download more Sonos info or use computer to drive my box, I can only use my I Pho...

Can I link connect amp to a wireless repeater?

can my sonos connect amp be connected into a wireless repeater via ethernet or do i need a bridge to connect to the primary wireless router

Will sonos find my existing wireless speaker system by Acoustic Research?

Wifi password change

Help! I changed my wifi password and now can not connect any of my Sonos products. I followed the video instructions, connecting one speaker via ethernet cable to the router but its still not workin...

Multiple Connects utilizing same ethernet?

I recently installed a Sonos Connect, utilizing the digital line output directly into the house audio system receiver, at my lake house and it performs wonderfully. I now plan to install Sonos Connec...

No internet - Setup incomplete

Hi there, I just got a Sonos Play 5 and plugged it into my Airport express via ethernet. However I don't have an internet connection and it asks me to register the device. The device is recognized...

Does the bridge have to be in the open or can it be in a closet?

Just wondering about the placement of the bridge since it creates its own wireless network. I wanted to know how strong the signal is to go though walls in the house.

Hooking up a Bridge to a Uverse 3801 router

Just curious if anyone else has successfully hooked up a Sonos bridge to a Uverse 3801 router? I have the bridge physically connected to the router, but I can't get the app to recognize it. Sonos webs...

will installing the bridge interfere with my security nvr's upnp router settings?

considering purchasing the system but have a concern that it will conflict with my nvr settings and or port forwarding within my router. IP security is presently using 128mbps of bandwidth.

If I add another Sonos 1 to my existing one, how does this become a stereo set up ?

is sonos compatible with asus rt-ac68r

All of my other devices are connecting to the router. I have a bridge that is hard wired to a switch and 2 PLAY 5's. If I need to update some of the settings on the router itself please walk me throug...

Sonos Performance with/without a Sonos Bridge

I was curious which setup would perform better: 1.  Sonos system where a Sonos Bridge is connected to a router 2.  Sonos system where a zone player (e.g. Play 3 or Play Bar) is connected to...

Use of Delkin Powerline AV for direct cable connection to Sonos system.

I have an 11 node system and one node is at a location where wireless does not work and there is no cat5 tied directly to a switch. I have tried a Delklin PowerLine AV direct and it seemed to work bu...

Not Your Standard Home Network

I have a system where we have, in order: a) DSL modem b) Router c) Hardware firewall (Firebox Edge) d) Switch e) Music stored on server (Exchange SBS 2011) connected to switch Ideally I would like t...

Sonos in Two Different Houses

We have just set up a Playbar in one house (#1), and installed the Sonos app on our iPad. We plan to set up a Sonos 3 in another house (#2). Can the same Sonos app on the iPad control both houses? If...

Using Connect to add a subwoofer to a Play 5 stereo pair

After realizing that with my listening patterns I was exclusively using my dual Play 5 stereo setup and not using the Connect with my home theater I got the idea of hooking the Connect up to a spare p...

Adding a Play to a hard-wired system

I have a bridge connected to my router and a connect connected to my stereo amp/receiver which then feeds my in-wall wired speakers. Can I add a Play 1,3,or 5 to this system and have it stream music i...

Will sonos speakers and connect;amp work with a sound bar made by another manufacturer, ie canton sound bar.

I have a canton sound bar and I would like to interact it with some sonos kit. I was wanting a sonos connect amp and speakers.

Need better setup documentation and sales training

Now that I am up and running, I am thrilled. However, I had to spend a lot more time setting up than I would have had the documentation and support been better. (The information from the Sonos support...

we bought new computer and do not know how to get sonos connected on it?

polingwh@yahoo.com 813-777-5030

how do I register my Sonos system?

Question about ethernet connection

I have wi-fi but it is from an adjoining residence so a hard connection between any Sonos product and the router is impossible. If that is the case, will any aspect of the Sonos system work for me? Tw...

Set up surround sound with Bar, Sub, and Connect:Amp?

Can I include ceiling speakers in creation of surround with Bar and Sub via Connect:Amp


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