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Second Play 5

Do I need to hardwire a second play five?

Best Sonosnet Option for Me

Hi There. New user of Sonos. I have recently purchased two Sonos One speakers plus a Connect to link in my existing system. As soon as I had the two Sonos One speakers playing together on my home wifi...

Wireless wi-fi router

Hi I have installed a new Wi-Fi Router, Its a Bell ZTE Turbo Hub model MF275R. Has anyone been able to get Sonos working with one of these?

Can Sonos bought in UK be used in Canada?

Hello, I bought 4 Play:5 units and a Bridge which I have been using in the UK. Can I use this in Canada without an adapter or converter? I notice that the back of the unit says 100-240V. Thank you

Outdoor (WIRELESS)

Lot of articles on asking Sonos to create outdoor speakers. While they may decide to do that or not, what are the options to connect wireless speakers to a connect:amp or connect. Has anyone tried a c...

Sonos is connecting with Vodafone pocket wifi

I recently changed my wifi with vodafone pocket internet but my sonosplay1 is unable to identify the Vodafone pocket wifi

Distorted Sound from Turntable

Haven't used my turntable for years, but was excited when I learned that I could play vinyl wirelessly through my Playbar. I have an old Bang & Olufsen Beogram TX2 running through a Rolls VP29 preamp...

Connecting Sonos a better way in my house

I have Sonos connected to my sound system, and the CONNECT box is wirelessly connected to a Sonos booster (the thing that lets the CONNECT connect to the internet when it cannot be plugged into an eth...

Cannot use my Play1 without the Ethernet cord attached.

I just got this for Christmas, the set up was easy and it had asked me to plug into the modem, which I did, and its been working great. I wanted to move it to different spot and now it's always saying...

Can I use both the optical output for my home cinema, and wifi for a second room?

I have a Connect connected to a home-cinema. And I bought 2 players 1, hoping to set them up to play in a second room through wifi. But I can't find a way to set-up multiple rooms. I assume this is be...

install sonos in orbi network

hello, my situation: 2 sonos devices wired direct to my modem. 1 sonos device wired into ORBI. This ORBI is wired to my modem. Problem: I can only find the one which is wired into ORBI. It's like the...

wired sonos

I moved into a new house which has full wired ethernet. Consequently I would prefer the sonos system to run through the wired solution as opposed to wireless. I have ZP100s and ZP120s which connect ba...

can't connect to Sonos wifi

I can't connect to the Sonos wifi at home, but took it to a friends home and had no problem connecting. Does this mean there is an issue with our router?

Setting back up after decorating cannot set up surrounds

Have one sound bar and 4 play 1s have redecorated and the sound bar and 2 of the play 1s (kitchen and bedroom are fine) the 2 that I normally use as surround are not picking up. One seems to be attac...

Help setting up my playbar and sub

I need help with set up please

Play 1's not connecting to system

I've recently added a boost to my existing router due to wifi connection problems. The playbar and sub are working well but i cannot get the two play 1's to provide sound. They are listed as part of t...

Setting up Play:5

Sonos 5 just stopped working!

zone player 90 and turntable

Hi All, I have a zone player 90 connected to my ampli, than I would like to listen to my turntable through the various sonos speakers I have around but I have tried to connect it to Zone player 90 wit...

Play 1 stop woking

Recently I had two of my play 1's connected as surround sound and in one movie I noticed the surround sound not working so I removed the surround sound and left the speakers stay separate. Later I no...

mute playbar while tv sound plays in other rooms

I have a pair of sonos, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, now im considering adding a playbar or base to get the tv connect as well. Since im new to the sonos system, im wondering if the fol...

Does my Sonos have an on / off switch ?

One sub. 2 setups

I got two sound setups in my livingroom. I got two speakers in my sealing, a sub and playbar. The two speakers are connected to 1 of 5 sonos connect AMP. In my livingroom, I want to use one conn...

New Play ones

I just purchased new play ones for my home entertainment system. However when I went through the setup process, my left speaker seem to connect but not my right.

Connected to Network but not Internet

I moved my Sonos Connect AMP from my house to my apartment that has a shared wi-fi network that is accessible to anyone living here. After some initial trouble setting up, I have got my Connect AMP co...

Hardwired volume controls and speakers

I have recessed speakers and volume controls hard wired in each room. All our mounted on the walls and ceiling. How do I use Connect Amp in each room in this situation? Thanks!


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