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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

Playbar, ConnectAmp, a Turntable and speakers

I have a Playbar, I want to connect a turntable and speakers to a ConnectAmp The turntable and speakers are not in the same room as the Playbar.which is hooked up to the TV an setup in surround mode w...

Sonos 1

Where to place sonos 1

Play:1 setup finds the serial number and plays the chime but never connects

I just got two Play:1s to connect to a Playbar I've used for years. I've tried multiple times to connect them - the setup finds the serial numbers so some communication is happening, the chime plays w...

Removing room associated with defunct Connect setup

I've searched here and online, but haven't found a match for my situation. When I first got Sonos two years ago, it was in a house that had pairs of wired speakers in three different rooms. We didn't...

How to play audio from my TV to both my 7.1 system and Sonos components

I'd like to be able to watch music videos on my TV which is connected to a dedicated Onkyo 7.1 Amp and also play the audio throughout the rest of my house (connect Amps). I don't want to use a Playba...

Can Sonos be figured put on other wifi network ?

A friend of mine has 5 bhk place and wants to put play:1 in all of the rooms but the rooms wont have same network? Lan cable will work ? or there is other way out ?

network configuration roadblock - how to go from tethered wifi device with no eth to wifi router

Initially I setup my play:5 wired to a wifi router that does NOT connect to the internet. i found that i needed to check/download updates for the device before it was usable. my only internet connecti...

Biwiring with different amps

Hi, I have Sonos throughout my house...probably one of the best investments I have made due to my deep love of music in life. I am setting up a higher end system in my den (man cave) and would like to...

Standard, Boost and PLAYBAR 5.1 network

Hi, I have a standard Sonos network in my kitchen (Connect & 2x Play 1's all runnign on wifi). I will be adding a PLAYBAR, SUB and 2x Play 1's in my lounge (so a PLAYBAR 5 Ghz network), possibly a C...

Line in & streaming

Can I stream from a Play 5, using the line in, to a stereo pair of Play 1's?

[my computer] refused to let Sonos connect to it and error messages 1001 and 1002

this is getting boring. My Sonos used to work but now it doesn't. I have looked in the forum and tried lots of the fixes but nothing has solved the problem. Ive checked the sharing, sharing and hav...

Combination Wireless and Wired

I'm new to Sonos and am thinking of using it throughout my home. There are several deadzones, and I have a Boost with a Play5. The Boost has an ethernet (CAT5) connection and the Play5 is on the Son...

Pairing Two Sonos PLAY:1s with a Wi-Fi Hotspot device

I am trying to pair two Sonos PLAY:1s with a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi device, and am having trouble joining the network. 'Player Setup' is prompting me to complete the setup process by con...

sonos play 1 and norton core

I recently installed a Norton Core router. I have a network of four Play 1 Sonos speakers (no Playbar or Boost) that worked well with our previous router; now, however, when I try to configure the wi...

Recommendation for an Amp

Help with recommendation for an Amp that will work with a Sonos CONNECT that will support 12 speakers in the wall 8 ohm

Sonos stopped working on DPQ3925

Hi, I have 3 Sonos 1 speakers, they are connected to a Cisco DPQ3925 router. When I first bought the Sonos speakers I read that the DPQ3925 is not supported. After talking to my ISP (Optus Australia)...

Workaround? I don't have the original email/password when location was installed.

Last week, my son installed two Sonos One units at our new house. He is back at school with his email/password. I'm trying to install a Playbar on the main TV, but the Sonos App won't let me install...

Cannot connect with Sony home theatre system

How do I connect Sonos with my home theatre system

Sonos Playbar - suspending from beneath a shelf

Hi I’m looking to hang my Playbar from below the lower shelf shown in the photo. The TV swings out from the wall bracket and almost covers the width of the shelves, but if I put the speaker on the she...

Sonos One, Connect Amp, Orbi network, Airport Express. Complicated? I can't get it to work properly!

Hi Folks. I bought my first Sonos product a year ago, the Connect Amp, mainly to play BBC 6Music through my hifi setup. That worked well enough, but I rarely even tried to use a controller, I just pr...

what do we need to use sonos with an old stereo ?

We have the sonos connect and bridge

Sonos app and streaming services credentials

I've tried searching the forum for posts related to security but since most results seem to have to do with security of the device on a WiFi network, will try posting my question (apologies if this is...


So I'm setting up a media room, and I have a question about the wiring. The projector is at the back of the room, the sound system is in the front. It's about 40' long wire through the walls to get fr...

Sonos wired to a company network set up

Hi I would like set up my Sonos 1 plugged into a network port on a company network. I don’t have access to the wireless router so can’t seem to set up the speaker. Should I connect a boost to the...

TruePlay interrupted by last song on Spotify.

Like the many happy owners of Sonos, I don't have an Apple device to tune my Play:5 with. And frankly, without TruePlay, it's not even worth half the price you're paying for it. So for many days, af...


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