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Zones Players Dropped?

Last night I moved my music to a new share and removed the old share and pointed Sonos to the new share. At the end of the update two of my zones were missing in action. One is wired and the other i...

what do I need?

I can see that I at least need an ethernet to use sonos. Do I need to have internet access or is this a complete "internal" wi-fi set-up?

Sonos Shipping Today

I can't believe that I bought my system today. Ever since the Popular Mechanics article I have been researching both the Sonos system and competitors. I cannot find the flaw in the Sonos system that I...

Think I might have a bad one

One of my ZPs exhibits very flakey behaviour. I can get it to appear as a new Zone, I can even get it to play for 30 seconds or so. After that the music dies, the desktop and handheld controller bec...

Failure in basic setup (connecting to zoneplayer)

I'm having trouble in getting a fairly generic setup off the ground. I've got a linksys router and I've attached my first ZP via ethernet cable. I turned off all firewall stuff, but the connection wiz...

Desktop controller wont work but all else does?

i just installed 6 zone players and of course the main wired unit to my pc containing the music and desktop controller. the system can access all of my music and works great EXCEPT the desktop control...

Don't want to buy til questions are answered

Hello. Read about this Sonos in Forbes. But it left me with questions. First, what I've got: I have one computer with cable modem. No router. Don't even understand what that means. I have an...

Using in cold/hot temperature?

Hi. I bought 6 zone players and want to install one in my cold basement back area and one in my pool cabana. it gets ice cold out there in the winter and very warm in the summer. is this ok? what rang...

Okay to Locate ZP Inside a Cabinet?

Thoughts on locating the ZP inside a cabinet of one sort or another, with decent air above the top vents? Will it overheat, or will it do okay like the rest of my high end equipment?

Sonos: Use Some Better Boxes

My bundle arrived yesterday, and I've only had a chance to open things up, and have a look. The controller and ZP look and feel great, and the documentation looks extremely well done and user friendl...

Accessing Music on External Drive - HELP

Good News - Got my sonos 4 days ago, had it up and playing internet radio in about 30 minutes. Problem - I wiped my computer's hard drive a couple months ago after getting a nasty virus and recentl...

Santa Arrived!!

I guess Santa rode in on today's snowstorm in New York 'cause when I got home I found a big box containing my new Sonos system. It's rare that a product lives up to its hype. In this case I'd say that...

Integration Question

I should be receiving my Sonos Intro Package any day now... I currently have a wireless network implemented with two PCs (wired) and one Mac Powerbook (wireless). My 1st wired PC acts primarily as a...

Best lossless format and app - using a NAS

I'm about to RIP my music collection to a NAS (NSLU2) for a Sonos setup. I want to use an uncompressed or lossless format and have artist, song, album and album art info. What is the best format and...

Music sharing on the Mac

I just got my system in, and I'm trying to get things set up on an iMac, but the Sonos setup assistant gives me an error everytime I try to share my music folder. It says "Couldn't share music in the...

Getting my Sonos on Sunday

I got my first introduction to the Sonos products today at lunch; and by 6pm, had ordered my system. Looks amazing. I was toying with getting either a Roku box to manage my MP3's, or buying an Escie...

Non techie music lover needs help

Hi, please help I only have one pc (maybe two in the future as a peer to peer) but will never have a network system. I have broadband access though. Is the router only used in a network or is it th...

Wireless Networks

I currently have an 802.11 g wirless network with the Actiontec Router/hub. The range appears to be maxed out at about 50 feet. Will the Sonos range be any better and if so, why?

ZP Range for wireless

I've got a 110-year-old farmhouse in NC, and all of the interior and exterior walls are wood (no sheet rock). I'd been planning a very complicated in-wall wiring scheme until I heard about ZP, and no...

Note to Prospects on Wireless

I've been running my Sonos for about 3 weeks and love it. The setup was (as everyone says) less than 10 minutes. Yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to get a seperate wireless network going (moving fr...

Sonus and two existing stereos

ok - pls be patient with my lack of knowledge ... but here's my question ... I have in one room - computer with my digital music in room A... we have a wireless network (and another computer in anoth...

How to integrate existing A/V system?

The Sonos Zone Player is a solution for rooms where you do not already have an audio system, but how about, for example, integrating a home audio system that already exists? No way am I going to ditc...

Best set up

I'm going to wait until Sonos is available from a UK stockist until I get my system - also waiting because my house won't be ready to move into until next year. We'll be starting from the very basics...

Moving ITunes Music to NSD

I just purchased and mapped a 160Gb Buffalo Link Station to my network, containing a PC and IMac, with the Link Station hooked up to my router. The purpose was to move or transfer existing music I've...

Searching for Zoneplayer message

I have 4 ZP and two handhelds. The handhelds get sluggish and often will show "Searching for Zoneplayer" even if it saw all the systems within the last 5 minutes. I understand that they "home" in t...


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