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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Sonos turning off and on

Help my sonos system is turning off and on every 2 minutes its driving me crazy. diagnostic number 1467184472 thanks

Wifi issues, but can I use Sonos speakers with just wireless wifi?

I purchased a Sonos Play 5 (gen 1) some days ago that I am going to set up in my parents home. they do not need much so this is why I went for the gen 1, since its much cheaper. I also have a Sonos co...

My computer replaced with a laptop...where do i plug my hard drive with my music?

Our computer died and we replaced it with a laptop. we have a hard drive with tons of bootlegs that we cant access. where do I plug the hard drive do that we can access the music? into a sonos spea...

Second system with separate account, also for use by others

How can I set up a second Sonos system on a different wifi with a different account? We have a meeting area by the house and want to use a separate Sonos system to connect to the beamer and let also...



Samsung Not Available Message

I set up my speakers and went through the help guide to get rid of the Not Available message but the remote they have for Samsung is different than what I have. I just use the standard remote that ca...

5.1 setup advice / feature request

Will Sonos be able to process Dolby 5.1 properly if I get three Play:5s (FL, C, FR), two Play:1s (RL, RR), and the wireless sub? If no, Sonos should add this ability because this setup would be killer...

Sonos one won't connect.

I purchased two Sonos One speakers and like any relatively new Sonos product, they are an absolute nightmare. It took about 90 minutes to get the first one to connect. The original connection atte...

Unable to start radio station (Spotify)

Setting up a new system for my office. I can Air Play Spotify to Sonos speakers with no issues, but when I'm in Sonos App and try to start Spotify radio it gives me a message "Unable to start radio st...

No sound from surrounds - Sons Beam + Connect:AMP

I have a Sonos Beam and rear surround speakers connected via a Connect:AMP. I get no sound from the rear speakers when connected as surrounds with the Beam. If I configure the rears as separate zon...

Problem with my settings

Hi, when i go to setting in the standard Sonos App on my Iphone and also on my ipad, allmost al options are blocked

Changing an existing setup

I have an existing setup working wirelessly. It includes a play 5, a playbar and sub and a sonos connect to the record player. My music libarary is on a mac laptop and in itunes. I have moved the m...

WM=1 and WM=0 on same setup

Hi - I've just switched from Wireless to Wired Setup. The help article suggests that the way to check whether the system is now wired vs. wif is to check the WM for a 1 or a 0. I expected all speake...

Sonos beam connection

I'm trying to connect my sonos beam to my iPhone and the beam is having trouble connecting to the phone and the wifi.

Sonos Beam / Sky Q

Currently have Sky Q Connected to HDMI 2.0 Arc in LG TV. TV connected via Optical to LG Soundbar. Apple TV to other HDMI 2 port. How would I connect a Sonos Beam instead of LG Soundbar? Everything sa...

Beam, TV-BOX and TV (no HDMI ARC)

Hello, I'm Italian and I speak little English. I apologize for this. How can I connect a BEAM to a TV (with many HDMI but without HDMI ARC) connected with HDMI to a TV BOX to see (and hear) DIVX? Th...

Connecting Sonos Play 5 to Record Player

Hi. I have an ION record player. I just bought a Sonos Play 5 thinking I could plug it into my record player. I have tried this, but realised my record player does not have a built in amp. Can anyon...

Error trying to transfer Sonos to new account

I'm trying to transfer my sonos to a new account via the iPhone app: My Sonos Account -> Transfer Sonos to new account I enter the existing password when prompted then enter a new email address to cr...

Sub Connected but no sound

Hi. my Sonos shows Family Room (+Sub), but no sound is coming from the Sub. I have been troubleshooting this for days. Forced Sonos speakers to be on the 2.4GHZ bandwidth by renaming a dual band route...

Boost ports

My Boost has two Ethernet ports. One is connected to my router. May I use the other to connect a Play:5 Gen 1 to my system?

Using Bose stand with play 1?

Is it possible to use an pair of old Bose cube speaker stands with play 1 speakers?

Amp install with outdoor speakers

Hi there, I have a pair of Klipsch AW-650 speakers for use on my back patio and a Sonos Amp (not Connect:Amp). Am wondering if the Amp can be installed outdoors (and how to protect it from the elemen...

2 sonos amp 10 speaker

Hi With 2 sonos amp (125amp) can I make these configuration with these speaker? 6.5" Ceiling Speaker with Dual Tweeters https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004284FF2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7nvMCbJJKW772 Obviou...

Playbar and/or Sub are dropping daily

Every time i get my playbar reconnected to network and sub connected, it only lasts half of a day before i have to Reboot the router, unplug all of the speakers. This is getting so frustrating for a b...

Remote works on playbar until sky box is on then stops

I have set up a Panasonic remote and two sky remotes and all work fine until I switch on the sky Q box them all three will not work Switch the sky Q box off and all three work !!!! Just do not under...


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