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Changed wifi and doesn't recognize my email address even though I know it's right

So frustrating. Tried creating a new account with a different email address and then it just went back to the old one

Adding Play:1 fails at last step every time - "Not connected" iOS app screen

Trying to add a Play:1 to an existing (and working) system. I go thru the iOS app set up. The system sees the correct Play:1 (Serial # is displayed), but upon trying to do a final connect it ALWAYS fa...

Sonos unable to add the music folder.....

Sonos unable to add the music folder, the computer cannot be found ??? Im using a macbook air. My system is connected and working from my iPhone. Ive factory reset both the bridge and play 3 and reco...

Adding a Rega Planar 1 Turntable

Adding a turntable to an existing SONOS system; a Rega Planar 1. The device has no internal amp. Do i need a SONOS Connect and a pre-amp, or will a SONOS CONECT:AMP be sufficient? I have SONOS speake...

Connect with pioneer elite sc-63 receiver

Have the receiver connected to multiple input including rca and hdmi arc inputs. Tried connecting the Connect using rca male to male line in on sonos to both the pre-amp out as well as zone 2 out. Im...

Soundbar problems

I want to hook up a Sonos sound bar but only have one infrared port that is currently being used by Apple TV. What are some workarounds that I can put both products into play.

Beam and 2 sonos one- setup?

OK, so I have a beam preorderd, and I own two sonos one's. The ones are currently on stands on either side of my TV(which is mounted above the fireplace). The beam will reside right under the fireplac...

SOnos won't connect to computer

bought new router and new computer. figured out how to connect on my phone but I can't get the SONOS controller on my computer (windows 10) to recognize the SONOS network, even though I have connecte...

Soundbar & Connect Amp as front L+R

We are trying to set up our new Playbar with our Connect:AMP. Currently the set up is: TV—digital audio(fibre)—>Soundbar Soundbar—Ethernet(cat5)—>Router Connect:AMP—Ethernet(cat5)—>Soundbar The L+R...

create stereo pair

i bought a sonos 1 and sonos play 1 and i am trying to pair them right and left. when i try to do that i receive a message no sonos play: 1 available. but both speakers are working in my network . t...

Can 6 Play Ones all connect to the new ‘Beam’?

Can I control them the same way as now and use Apple Play?

Sonos in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Hi everyone, I thought it would be best to start a single thread to bring together all tips and tricks for using Sonos systems in India. I recently got myself a pair of Sonos Ones and have been readi...

New Modem & Router setup with Bridge

I recently had to upgrade my modem and wireless router and also updated my wifi name & password. I have the Sonos bridge connected to the router, and 6 Sonos One speakers situated around the house. I...

Airplay 2 implementation could have been MUCH better

I bought a Sonos One thinking it would act as a gateway for my other speakers (i.e. Siri as well as my iPhone would see all 16 of my existing Sonos speakers. Wrong... It only shows up as one device....

Removing a play1 from a room to add to a surround sound

This probably has a easy solution, but just can't see how to remove a One speaker from another room to add to a playbase and a new play:1 (which has not been set up yet) to create a surround sound for...

Connect works only intermittently

Have a connect set up to run through my Denon receiver. Always worked perfectly. AV guy came to house to rewire and simply moved the location of the connect and receiver. Both were unplugged from powe...

Sonos & Google WiFi - Check my thinking please

Currently my Sonos bridge is connected to my Draytek router and all works very well. I’m about to start using Google Wi-fi and from what I have gleaned here and from my office IT guy, I should turn...

Music from own media player

Hello: We are working with a customer that have a Sonos Connect system on a Shopping Center to control and manage music. We have a PC with a custom Media Player developed by us, is there any way to i...

wall mounting, should wall be darker where tv and playbar are being mounted??

I am having my new 65 Samsung wall mounted along with my Play Bar but had this question. My living room is a light grey color and I was thinking of putting the LED backlights on the rear of the tv for...

One network, multiple sonos, 2 controllers...

Is it possible to control 1 Sonos with one controller and another sonos with another controller while both Sonos devices are on the same network ? Imagine tthe network, Sonos 1 is 192....

Beam Setup Options

Hello: A couple easy questions about the Beam for two rooms with existing Sonos My living room has 2 X Play 5s and my guest room has 2 X Play 1s. In both rooms the speakers are next to the TV and I...

Line in from Play 5

So i just got a pair of sonos play 1, sound is great, but foolish me not to do proper research as I realized that it cannot be used with PC. just wondering if i get a play 5 and connect it to my PC, t...

Hey Sonos verterns, how do you do Sonos Outdoors?

I'm new to Sonos. I'd really like to have a Sonos speaker outside, on my deck. Right now the best solution I can think of is a Play:1 that I carry with me when I want to go outside. A bit of a nuisanc...

Play 5 will not connect via WiFi

Can not be connected in the WiFi sysrem

Extending Sonos to Log Cabin

We've put a log cabin in the garden. Got a TV in there and WiFi signal and want Sonos too. Our Sonos boost in the house doesn't reach the cabin ("Can't find Sonos" error on iPad). Any suggestions o...


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