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AirPlay on two PLAY:5 (1st. gen.) paired in stereo

I have a set of PLAY:5 speakers coupled in stereo. I would like to use them to stream sound trough AirPlay but the older generation of PLAY:5 speakers do not support AirPlay. I also have a Play ONE sp...

Creating Stereo Pair

Why aren't you able to create a stereo pair with a 1 and 3?

Sonos beam with tv without HDMI ARC or optical

Hi, I am interested in making sure that I can use the Sonos beam with my hdtv. My tv does not have either a HDMI ARC or optical. However, I stream my content with an AppleTV. Can I use an HDMI ARC co...

Sonos One Setup as Surrounds

I recently replaced two Play:1s in my Playbar surround set up with two Sonos Ones. I haven’t been able to figure out how to properly set up/account for the following two issues: 1. How can I use the...

PC with no WIFI - connected by Ethernet Cable

My PC does not currently have a wifi connection, I connect to my Router by Ethernet Cable and then out to the Internet of course. I have just purchased a Sonos Beam Soundbar and I cannot set it up......

No SMB2 or SMB3 support ???

Could it be, that Sonos still has only SMB1 clients on their speakers ? That would be a security whole as somebody could hack through SMB1 connections ... I can't believe that ....

two sonos paired speakers, iphone plays only 1 speaker

I have set up two new sonos one speakers. They are in the same room and paired for stereo sound. They sound great using Spotify. I started the sonos app on my iPhone 6s, selected songs in my playli...

setup a new system with desktop controller

Hello *, I'm in an business environment with certificate based wifi and therefore I'm only able to use wired connections for our new SONOS system. I tried to setup the new system with my mac and the...

Ipod Touch (5th) NO "ADD Speaker" in menu on last update

I updated to latest version in Ipod Touch (5th). Now the Menu in More... doesnt have an option to ADD SPEAKER. Nor does it have it in any other Menu. Neither in settings. What is going on?! \ **My I...

Sonos integration to in-ceiling wired system

Hi All. Looking for some guidance sorting out a home system for the in-laws. Sorry for the long post but here goes. The in-laws have recently moved into a new place that has what looks like a pretty...

How to set up a NAS drive with Sonos?

How to set up NAS drive with Sonos? I have a Sonos Playbar and a Play 5 and want to set up a NAS drive to serve up the music, instead of coming off the iMac, which is how it is been done at the momen...

HELP PLEASE Sonos at University

So I've moved into halls of residence for university and brought my Sonos play one with me. I first struggled to get it to connect to the wifi here and after sorting that out which seems to have worke...

can i set up different country's Sonos accounts using the same email

can i set up different country Sonos products using the same email address & how do you do this and swap between them?

How to add a new Sonos Speaker to a system with no Wifi?

Have upgraded a Sonos system to 9.2. I currently have one Play:1 connected with an ethernet cable to the network. No Wifi on this network. I also have a laptop which is connected to this network wit...

How does Sonos connect to my secure wifi without being told password?

It's a mystery. I bought my first Sonos and followed the setup instructions. At no point did I provide my wifi password or even tell it the SSID of my wifi, but the Sonos joined my network and was v...

Sonos won't give me my Wifi as an option to connect

I have recently changed router, and by doing so my Sonos setup needs to change to the new network. I have followed the steps to do so 1. Connect ethernet cable from speaker to router 2. Enter "Wireles...

Multiple user accounts

Hi. I created a Sonos account years ago. But I no longer use that email address. Separately, when setting up the system on an IPad it seems that I created a separate account with the email address t...

Adding turntable to Sonos Play:3 and Bridge

Hello, I'd like to buy a turntable and connect it to my current Sonos system. I currently have just a Bridge and Play:3 on the system - I do not have a Connect, ConnectAMP, or any other devices. My re...

Virgin V6 control of Playbar

I have just switched from Sky to Virgin and whilst my sky remote could control my Playbar currently I can’t sm to get my V6 remote to do the same. How do I do it please?

Can you remove a room?

I hooked up a CONNECT to my existing setup (1 room with a PLAY:1 and a bridge). However, I added a room for THE CONNECT. How can I remove this new room?

Can I have 2 Sonos networks on the same router?

I currently use a Bridge/Connect combination to control a non-Sonos stereo setup. I want to add a Play:1, however I do not want to connect it to the bridge (boost setup) because I do not want to keep...

Play 1 not showing on Iphone speaker list

I have an older Play 1 that has always shown up on my Iphone as a speaker choice. When I open the currently playing screen, I can choose from my Iphone or the other Play 1. I just purchased a pair of...

sky hd box low volume

first post here and hoping i can get my issue sorted bought my first sonos product the other day and went for the beam looks and sounds amazing BUT when i play it through my sky hd box the volume nee...

WiFi to Ethernet

I have just connected my play five to an Ethernet cable. Do I need to change anything in my settings to change from using WiFi. We are having connection issues. Hence the cable to see if it fixes the...

Removing speakers from account

Hi, I have recently bought more sonos products to go with an existing sonos one. So I got the sonos one about 6 weeks ago and set up a sonos account. Yesterday I got the sonos beam and attempted to pa...


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