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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Sonos AMP with 4 (6 ohm) speakers

Hi. I would like to know if i could connect 4 (6 ohm) speakers to the new sonos amp. I can´t find on the web the impedance range o minumium impedance of this device. Thanks


Is it possible for the BEAM to accept an HDMI signal directly from a source (cable box/ dvd. etc) instead of the HDMI arc or optical out to hdmi converter

Creating Zones

Multiple Zones - I am renovating a motorhome and I would like to set up 4 zones - zone 1= surround w/ soundbar, sub & 2 rears. Zone 2 = 2 One's in BR. Zone 3 = 2 one's outside. Zone 4 I would liker to...

Repeatedly have to re-set up Sonos on Bell network

I have gone through many instances where I have to install or reinstall my Sonos app and set up my speakers only to find that the next day I can’t find Sonos on my wireless network. End up having to r...

2.1 Sound with Playbar+Sub+Play1's ??

I'm thinking of getting my parents, who are hard of hearing, the following Sonos components: 1 Playbar + 2 Play 1's + Subwoofer. I'll be placing the 2 Play 1's at the back of the room close to where m...

feature req: single sonos play 5 as surround speakers

If the play 5 is good enough for stereo on it's own it seems to me to should be more than good enough for surround stereo (left and right rear speakers.) Is this on the roadmap and if not, it seems as...

Create predefined groups

Is there a way to create groups prior to using them? And then save them? I have 8 play:1s scattered through the house. In an ideal world I would have a series of groups (kids room, common areas, down...

Playbar + Denon AVR-X2300W

Hi, I'm planning on setting up a home theatre system (hopefully) composed of the following elements - - Sony XF9005 55-inch TV - Denon X2300W receiver (+ PS4, Nvidia Shield, a couple of other devices...

Kan sonos one niet registreren

Ik ben net verhuisd en werk dus met een nieuw modem. ik wil de sonos one weer installeren maar ik kom niet verder dan product registreren. Wat moet ik nu doen ??

sonos devices is not detected by the app

hi all, I`m new with the sonos devices and i really don`t know what is missing : i have created a new ssid for my sonos device and i allowed Broadcast ,i connect my phone to that SSID and i can see th...

WiFi/ Ethernet cable connection problem

I am plugging in a Play One directly to my router using the Ethernet Cable and the speaker does not work. Is my router compatible? I have tried to connect it with the WiFi, doesn’t work either. I hav...

Absolute rubbish product

Awful don’t waste your money 2 houses both with these wretched things and frankly will give them to any body that wants the pile of poo don’t waste your money

Sonos Beam with Splitter

Hi I’ve just bought a Sonos Beam to try to improve the sound in the kitchen. It is a new extension and we have the HDMI cable built through the ceiling from our Virgin box to the TV. It will be very...

Connecting connect amp to Orbi

Can someone explain how I can connect connect amp to Orbi. Currently it is connected to my fios network. Do I need to move my connect amp temporarily near my router and connect via Ethernet and th...

Improve the sound from you Sonos Connect

My system comprises of Sonos Connect, Rega DAC R, Sugden A21SE Amplifier and Neat Iota Alpha Speakers, I changed over the mains cable to the Sonos Connect for an MCRU No. 27 mains cable, as fitted to...

Denon AVR - Soundbar - Alexa - Samsung TV

I have a Denon X3500H AVR that sends 4k HDR quality programming to my living area Samsung Q9F QLed via very high end HDBaseT Extenders. The speakers in this room are all passsive. From the same AVR...

Trouble With new sorround system

I have just added two play:1’s as a rear left and right sorround. I followed the app setup which confirmed that the speaker had been added to my living room and now shows as beam+LS+RS. However it st...

Using connect with my TV

I have connected my tv to the connect with the analog cable and set it up on my system. Line -in shows up, but no audio is coming through my one speakers. How do I fix this and get the audio playing?

Beam won't connect to Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D

I've connected the Beam to my Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D TV via the HDMI 4 port (which is the one they spec for ARC), but the Sonos app says it sees no signal. So I tried the digital audio out from the...

Sonos sucks

This is the most ridiculous system I have ever worked with....constantly fails to connect. Fail to reset....fails just about everything. Do NOT buy this system unless you are dying to spend many frust...

Loved Sonos until setting theater/surround

I was loving Sonos, bought Play:3, then Playbar, then One, then 2 new Onew with aim to set up as satellites in theater/surround sound. But I never expect that pairing 2 satellite One to Playbar witll...

Permanently link Sonos Connect input to certain speaker/room

Hi - prior search did not reveal an exact answer to my question: I want to use my Sonos One as a TV speaker and bought a Connect on the aftermarket to get the analog audio into the Sonos system (and...

Problems connecting my turntable to Play 5 Gen 2

I recently purchased a Pioneer PLX500 with built in pre-amp, and have followed all the connection tips that I could find on the sonos website as well as other sites, but I still can't manage to get mu...

Cannot find the network

Hi there, We are trying to set up our play 1 and on our macbook pro the play 1 is showing up, but it won't show up on the app on my iphone. Any idea? It says "existing system not found". Both are...

Setting-up new WiFi network

I have a ONE speaker. I have a new router with a new WiFi network. Sonos app (android) cannot recognize my new WiFi network and new router. My new router doesn't have Ethernet output. what can I do?


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