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Sonos one pairing with sonos one Alexa

I want to pair both speakers for stereo but when I go on settings it does not show the other speaker yet Alexa does play music through it ? Help

New Router from Virgin but Sonos soundbar and SUB not working

Can anyone please help. I had a new router installed today but my SUB and Playbar won't play - they are the only 2 SONOS products I have. How do I do it please?

SONOS One speakers arbitrarily failed and cannot be re-set-up

I was having quite the honeymoon with these, to the extent where I optimistically overlooked a number of Alexa issues. Then, the other day, Alexa wouldn't respond to commands. I reset my router and...

Restaurant: how to setup in the most stable possible way?

Hi there, i've taken the courageous (=stupid?) decision to use five Play 1s as the Music system for my new restaurant, but i'm struggling in setting up the system in a 100% stable way. I have been pla...

Wireless wi-fi router

Hi I have installed a new Wi-Fi Router, Its a Bell ZTE Turbo Hub model MF275R. Has anyone been able to get Sonos working with one of these?

2 play 5s

Can you do 2 play 5s in 2 separate rooms..one for each...I should see 2 line ins correct?

Play 5 gen 1 vs Play 5 gen 2

Hi; "I'm new around here can you show me round?" We are seriously considering buying a play 5 gen 1. We have chosen the play 5 as our first Sonos appliance because we felt that this would be a go...

Wireless router

Is it possible to install my sonos system using wireless wifi router? Who to.. as i m in a place doesn't have a wired router

New Router - Cannot get past it telling me on wrong wifi network !

I have changed internet providers i have watched the video to reset onto new router however, i dont seem to get past the screen that tells me i am on a different wifi network than the controller ! Ip...

New Modem & Router setup with Bridge

I recently had to upgrade my modem and wireless router and also updated my wifi name & password. I have the Sonos bridge connected to the router, and 6 Sonos One speakers situated around the house. I...

Error adding network share

I used to have a network share (Synology NAS) up and running on my Play:1, Play:3 & Play:5. However, the IP address of the share has changed (dynamically, I think) and the library (of some 50,000 trac...

LynkSys Mesh system

OK. I'm dumb and old but: I just got a LinkSys mesh system so that I can get coverage into my garage (and that part is fine). But now: do I plug my Sonos speaker (using boost set up--was plugged direc...

4 c Play 5s, Sub and Playbase - Can I connect all 6?

Folks, forgive my ignorance and lack of patience! Can I connect all 4 of my Play 5s, Playbase and Sub? I think I can only get the 2 x Play 5s hooked up to the Playbase and Sub but need some expertise...

Cannot sign in from app

I just got my first Sonos, but unable to register or sign in from the app. I created an account via web when it failed via app, and verified it from the link I was sent. Phone app says there’s a prob...

3 Zone Set Up

Hi - Ok, I am just finishing building a house, but need some help with the sound equipment. I have a 5.1 system in the living room, 2 speakers in the pool room and 2 speakers on the patio. They are...

Wifi versus Boost setup

Which setup is preferable in terms of quality of connection? A WiFi (google mesh) or through Boost?

Alphabetical Sorting of Songs in Sonos Playlists

Sonos does not currently have, as a regular operating feature, the ability to sort songs in a Playlist alphabetically and then return to the original sort order. In my opinion, this would be extremely...

New Eeros networking

I can’t seem to connect my Sonos to my new Eeros network. Please help.

User manuals

Playbar and Play:5

Help! We have two wifis and now the Sonos is set to the the other one which has gone down!

We have a play 3 which is connected to the internet and added another play three via wifi. It was all working fine for several months but someone reset the controller because they were using a differe...

Changed router cannot connect Play 5

I've upgraded to Fibre Broadband so a new router has been provided so I needed to reconnect my Play 5 to the new network.The instructions provided by Sonos say connect the Play 5 direct to Router usin...

Can't update to 8.2

I have two Sonos ZP100's, 1 ZP90, and one Play 5, Gen 1. I can't update to 8.2 on any of the units except the ZP90. All of the others fail over and over again - typically an error 30. I have tried res...

How to change the region of product registration

Is there any way I can change the location of registration of the Sonos from Hong Kong to China? My Sonos will be used most of the time in China, while t is registered under HK that most of the music...

Can't add folder to music library

Hi, I am running a Windows 7 desktop machine with a folder for all my music. The account to log-in is a domain account that has privileges for accessing the music library. When I try to add the music...

Problems switching from wi-if to boost

Originally set up a playbar in one room and Play:3 in another using my wi-fi. Just installed a boost and a full system for TV - all the new stuff is available via boost now, but I can’t access my pri...


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