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Adding 2 Sonos Ones

I botched the set up of adding 2 Sonos Ones to a Playbar and Sub. I will mostly use the 1's in separate rooms and only use them occasionally for surround sound. How do I clear the settings and start...

One Sonos System across 2 Access Points (AP)

I have been running this way successfully for well over a year. Just in the last month, the 2 APs seem to be acting as separate networks and my 3 Sonos devices are spread across them, not all one netw...

Two different settings in one room

Hello you all I just bought a Playbase and 2 play 1 speakers. I like to use these fore watching TV and listening music in my living room I placed the play 1 speakers behind my sofa and the Playbase an...

Alphabetical Sorting of Songs in Sonos Playlists

Sonos does not currently have, as a regular operating feature, the ability to sort songs in a Playlist alphabetically and then return to the original sort order. In my opinion, this would be extremely...

Play 1's Nightmare!

Well, what a nightmare this is! Never have I been so frustrated with setting up anything on any network! 2 x Sonos Play 1's arrived, I've had them 3 days now, and STILL they refuse to connect to my...

Get rid of the annoying update request

Having spent almost $3000 on a system and a Macmini, I now cannot use any of it as the latest controller insists on looking for an update. My system is installed at a place that does NOT have interne...

Create predefined groups

Is there a way to create groups prior to using them? And then save them? I have 8 play:1s scattered through the house. In an ideal world I would have a series of groups (kids room, common areas, down...

In-line volume control for 4 speaker setup with connected:amp

I'm looking at using a connected:amp to power 4 outdoor speakers which will service 2 areas of our backyard. To prevent either area being too loud when adjusting the volume through the Sonos app, I w...

New computer

I just purchased a new computer and when I log into SONOS the system is found but I cannot play any of the music in my library.

Using Sonos Sub with pair of Play 5 and a Playbar at different times

I live in a small apartment. I currently have a set of Play 5 (Gen 2) in my living room along with a Sonos Sub. This is essentially for music playback only. I want to add a Playbar to my TV for bet...

Assistance with living room design

Hi all, I am currently in the process of gutting the entire house and starting from scratch, as part of the re-construction I am placing Sonos in every room. All rooms in the house have 2 x Bose Virt...

Calling ALL Google Wifi Users - Please Advise

Hi, I am doing a new home construction and would like to be a Sonos product user. After reading up on Sonos product, I am still a bit confused. Here is my setup I plan on. As you may or may not know,...

Stereo Pair is Unreliable (Right Speaker dropout)

Hi, Using Play 5 Gen1 speakers, I cannot get the Stereo Pair to work reliably. After a few minutes, the right-speaker falls silent. I have tried inter-connecting the stereo pair with an ethernet ca...

Lost connection to Connect

I have been using a Sono Connect without any problems for at least 2 years. My router offers me two wifi networks, and the one I use has 5G on the end of its name. I recently began to have some wi...

Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

I recently moved to a new apartment and I cannot for the life of me get my Sonos:3 to connect to the new Wi-Fi here. I've done a factory reset of my Sonos:3 and I can see that its been given an IP-adr...

Sonos, router, hotel room & Spotify Downloaded Music - but no wifi to web. Possible?

Travel often overseas. I am told that if I bring a pair of Sonos One, and a router that is already set up for the Sonos one, I can use my laptop with its stored music to play on the Sonos Ones even...

Eero and sonos

I am having trouble updating my sonos with Eeros network. I am only able to do it if I use another router ( old Apple extreme) than eero. Can some one assist me this problem ? Thanks

Can not connect pc to already existing system

So I have an existing system connected through wi fi . I used to have my pc connected to my sonos which was orginally a snap to set up.My pc crashed had it fixed , changed modem and now now matter wha...

Trueplay disappeared after update

I updated my speakers as required by the app, and Trueplay has disappeared. I have an iPhone X and Trueplay was working until a few days ago. What’s up?

Set up app won't continue once I get the speakers blinking red.

Set up app won't continue once I get the speakers blinking red. Doesn't ask me to change to the sonos network with my android Chromebook... I even tried changing to the sono network.....per the set u...

How do I change my country?

I originally bought my sonos in Belgium. Now that I live in the US I want to use some services available here, and to do so I believe I need to change my profile/address to the USA. However when I try...

Can't Add Apple Music to Sonos Play 1

I am following the instructions to add a music service and when I click on Apple Music - I get the option: 'I am already a member' or 'start a trial'. I am a premium Apple music member. So when I cli...

Setting up Sonos for my shop with no WiFi

I’m trying to set up my Sonos in my shop which doesn’t have WIFi. I was recommended to get a router and run the system off the that. I have done this and now after much frustration was told I have to...

Location of playbar in relation to TV

Hi. I have a samsung one connect which is placed 10 meters away from the TV. The optical cable for Sonos Playbar is not long enough to place the playbar directly under the TV. Does teh palybar needs b...


A few years ago, I delivered my daughter a SONOS 3 which she hasn't used yet because unbeknownst to me, she doesn't pay for an internet provider at her apartment. However, she does have a hotspot whic...


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