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Sort Albums by Artist

When I want to browser my Spotify albums from the Sonos app I don't see a way to sort the albums by Artist. It appears to be in the order they were added to Spotify. Am I missing something?

Sonos update renders by bridge down

Updated my Sonos and took my bridge down. cannot get to work. Also my alarms default to sonos chime and don't hook up to stations.

App with Sonos connected to ethernet

I have my sonos connect wired via ethernet. It used to be on WIFI but we moved the sonos closer to the router so now its plugged into the router, however I get a lag with the app. I also have not tu...

Using Sonos outside of my home

Apologies for asking question that has been asked several times before but I cannot easily find the answer - I have been asked to take 2 of my play 5 speakers to a party on Saturday using mainly my S...

Room Settings

I moved my sonos speakers around and room settings is no longer present in the app. How do I change the name of the room.

Play Bar setup fails again and again!

Purchased a new Play Bar....Setup is horrific! Unit fails to configure and connect to home WiFi. With over 34 home automation devices successfully connecting to my Ubiquiti AP’s and Controller on WEP2...

Setting up

I have a play bar, 2 front play one front speakers and a Sub. I bought 2 more play one speakers with intention of using these as back surround speakers a total of 4 play one speakers with the play bar...

Can't connect Playbar after reset and wifi update

2128510801 Diagnostics Confirmation Number. After many re-attempts including reset and connecting directly to ethernet; I can't connect my Playbar back to my network. The SSID is the same, but we ch...

Can I mount the sub on the wall?

I have just bought the playbar and the sub and was hoping to be able to mount the sub on a shelf on the wall away from the little uns. It seems that may not be possible. Does anyone have any idea...

The New Amp Setup

I have a pair of B&W dm 683 that I don’t want to sell and atm they are powered by a Denon receiver with 105w per channel. The new Sonos Amp should be better for the soeakers with 125w per channel. T...

Setting up wireless Sonos through WAP

Hi, I have recently bought a Sonos 5, and have set this up so that in the room where my router is and I am therefore able to control my Sonos 5 through Wifi. The trouble is that I want to be able to...

Volume Normalization Supported?

Can anyone tell me if volume normalization is supported for the sonosplay:5? Support gave a strange answer...: This a question I dropped at support: ---------------------- "My music collection uses...

New home set up soon

Would like to set up the following with fewest wires and preferably under $1k. Apple TV (own), mini projector (preferred)/tv (if easier), turntable, sonos (play1 x2, connect, soundbar?)? What is act...

Wired Router

I love the sound of my Play 5s (1st Generation). For the past several years I've been plagued with dropouts. I'd like to be able to listen to songs from start to finish for several hours without missh...

Latest update effectively bricks my system

Tried to update my android app (V9.2) stuck in an endless loop of re-registering fill everything in the verified my email. Just asks me to do it again. PC version of the controller now insists I have...

How to add new speakers and remove old ones?

I'm upgrading to new speakers and am not sure how to go about the setup. My current system is: Kitchen – Ceiling (wired speakers with Connect Amp) – Play:1 Living Room – Two Play:3s Master Bedroom...

Converting DTS 5.1 to DD 5.1

I just purchased a Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Blu-Ray player and much to my surprise it does not transcode DTS 5.1-Dolby Digital 5.1 on the fly like my Xbox One X and Apple TV4K do. My question is what dev...

New router & wifi, can only reconnect one speaker

I have a new router and wifi & am trying to reconnect my four sonos play:1 speakers. I follow the directions (plug one into the router, etc), and that one works. I can disconnect that one from the r...

Splitting my speakers yet getting Surround Sound for TV

I have a playbar, 2 x Sonos:1 and a SUB. I have the sub and Sonos:1's as one room, and the Playbar as another. If I group them, will they operate them as a surround sound or will they be as "individua...

Sonos in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Hi everyone, I thought it would be best to start a single thread to bring together all tips and tricks for using Sonos systems in India. I recently got myself a pair of Sonos Ones and have been readi...

Setting up wireless in a mixed system

Trying to get my head around the wireless setup and hoping you can help. Here’s my situation: I have my home system that works great. It uses Sonosnet with a wired Boost, and some of the devices are...

Rooms Missing From System

After latest update all my speakers falled down. I could get rhen back exept one which does not connect after 12 hours of ofline. Light is white and it should be in system but I can’t get it connected...

Beam Setup - first speaker - no flashing green

First time setup - unable to get a flashing green led. On hold for Sonos support. Unplugged for 10 minutes, and just get solid white, and changes to flashing red when pressing the setup button. What...

New to Sonos

I got a boost a playbar and a sub what to do first ?

Play tv from dining room via Play 1

All, I already have a Playbar and sub in my living room. My dining room is adjacent to the living room where I can see the TV. Planning to add a Play 1 in the dining room and be able to listen to t...


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