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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Important Note If You're Replacing Your Bridge With a Boost

The order in which you replace your wired Bridge with your new Boost is really important. To avoid wiping out all of the work you've done to make your Sonos system uniquely yours, perform the steps be...


What is the best way to connect a microphone to sonos for using it as people would give speaches etc at a party. And what type of microphone would that be?

Sono Beam + Projector (No audio out port) + Apple TV (4th generation), is it possible?

I am planning to buy Sonos Beam, but I am not sure if Sonos Beam can replace my Bluetooth speaker. My current setup as follows Epson Projector (No audio out port) + Apple TV (4th generation) + Blue...

2 Sonos Beams in different rooms

Hi If I have 2 Sonos Beams attached to different TV's, how would it know which TV to switch on when you say 'Alexa, turn on the TV'. At the moment I have 1 Sonos Beam connected to the Living Room TV...

Sonos Playbar volume control using Bluetooth TV remote with no IR

Bought a new TV. It uses a Bluetooth remote, no IR capability, which the Playbar requires for volume control. Playbar can learn TV remote volume cotrnol, but only if TV remote uses IR. How to control...

Lost a room

Have two Sonos speakers in two different rooms. This morning, one of the rooms has gone away from the app on my computer, but I can listen to the speaker manually, and can control the volume. Cannot...

Setting up a play one speaker on a separate network then the other play one speakers

I want to set up a Sonos one speaker on a separate network in my business then the other ones in another part of my business

Extremely poor customer support

Why does such an extremely expensive product have nonexistent customer support?

Outdoor active/powered speakers and Sonos Connect issue

I apparently wasn't paying close enough attention when I was ordering my Sonos Connect and speakers. Got everything opened up and realized my powered speakers are wired and the Connect is plugs. Is...

Setting up surround sound system with zp90 (connect), a beam and 2x play1

Hi, I have an existing set of speakers connected via zp90 to a peach tree amp, I want to intergrate those speakers to the Beam and two play 1s to create a surround sound system. Can this be done? I re...

HDMI ARC - Digital Audio Out (Optical) - need two/splitter?

It seems my tv may not be compatible to use the Beam while using Apple TV (or anything else I plug into the HDMI ports). I have a TV with no HDMI-ARC so I'm using the Digital Audio Out Optical adapt...

[FREE]UFC 236 Live Stream Online!!

[free]UFC 236 Live Stream.Tonight’s UFC 236 is the first UFC pay-per-view to be offered exclusively to ESPN+ subscribers (in the U.S., the ESPN deal does not have international implications.). Watch...

Why doesn't TV audio play all the time?

Hi All, have a new Beam, sounds good however becoming increasingly annoying to say the least! We go to bed, turn off the TV, turn off the Sky Q box. In the morning our daughter comes down turns on the...

Which speaker stand to use for Play:5 1st generation ?

Can anyone recommend a good floor speaker stand for Play:5 1st Generation ?

Can’t connect second speaker

I have connected connect Amp to the network. And I now try to ad Play 1. Sonos app ask met to push play and + simultaneous. And the connect amp starts to blink. But it’s stop and nothing happens. Not...

Sonos Vinyl and Play 5 volume still low

So I have Sonos speaker system setup, and just recently go the Vinyl Project player and Play:5. I set it up correctly and the volume is extremely low when compared to just listening to music from Spot...

Accessing Music on Flash Drive

I have a flash drive containing music that I want to listen to to decide if I want to add it to my Sonos Music Library. In the Sonos phone app, we have the option to choose the music source "On This M...

Placing the Beam behind my Samsung TV

I was planning to get a Playbase at first but it doesnt fit on my cabinet. The Beam is too high to put in front of my Samsung TV. Will it make a difference to put it behind the TV? Of course the foot...

Delete a room that doesn't exist

I added a room while at a friends house and now cannot delete it from my phone & computer apps. I've read other threads but no-one seems to have resolved this. It adds another level of confusion to a...

3 Connect Amps + 1 Sonos Sub.

Guys - Sorry if I am repeating something already stated on the support forum, but I searched and could not find my answer. I have three Connect Amps in my media closet in my basement that is hard wir...

Sonos in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Hi everyone, I thought it would be best to start a single thread to bring together all tips and tricks for using Sonos systems in India. I recently got myself a pair of Sonos Ones and have been readi...

ZP80 keeps disappearing

Hi folks, I've recently bought a second-hand ZP80 and connected it to my network. It is Ethernet-wired to a switch (a Netgear consumer unit); nothing else is connected to it. Network routing is manag...

So Frustrated with Play3

I've had a Play 3 for a few years. Bought it when it was 'the latest and greatest'. My wife uses it for her business. However, the thing skips and stops playing all the time. I've spent HOURS with the...

Listening to Sonos On a Separate Account

When I was listening to music, from my computer account, and my wife logged into her account, the music stopped. She teaches online classes that involve audio and video. When I tried to start the mu...

NAS doesn't show when adding a share

When setting up the music library, when I hit browse on the folder selection screen nothing shows under Network. This has been happening since I set up Windows 10 a year ago but never looked into it....


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