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New beam

Installed to-day,working great with tv and Alexa,I also have two play 1s which I retuned in same room as tv, problem no tv sound through them. Please help

Sound cuts out

Just installed a connect for turntable, sound is cutting out

Connection problem with Beam and Samsung over HDMI-arc

Evening, I have no luck in connecting my new Sonos beam with my Samsung Q7F smart tv, hdmi-ARc plugged in both ends, HDMI-cec turned on on the Samsung, but the Sonos app cannot connect with the tv. B...

Sonos 5 constantly dropping

This is crazy. I can say in all of my many years of buying electronics, I’ve never seen a forum or the web so full of the same issue. There is no joy in trying to constantly troubleshoot something th...

Adding Speakers

I have a desktop, bridge & 2 Play 1 speakers on my current system. I want to add 2 more. How is this done without uninstall\install?

Setting up the Sonos Beam in Sharp Roku TV

I got new Sonos Beam sound bar today and I am trying to setup the sound bar with my Sharp Roku TV, but i cant able to connect the Audio out. Please help.

Sonos Beam with Play 5 for mid size room

Hi, I already have play 5 and I am planning to get sonos beam. How will the sound output? Can I use play 5 as sub or to enhance the bass? Please advise, If sonos beam and play 5 is not worth it to co...

Sound Quality between Spotify & TV

Hi Everyone So my setup is that I have the Sonos Beam as my playbar and this is positioned in front of my TV. I then have two Play ones as the rear speakers equally spread apart. I have set up the...

Beam setting up with Receiver

I received the Beam today and I am trying to it up. I haven't been able to connect any input source through HDMI. I have an HDMI ARC out on my onkyo receiver, and I also tried connecting my TV directl...

Sonos Beam and play:5’s

I have the Sonos Beam, which I just set up and love for television. I have two sonos:5’s that I have also linked to have surround sound with the Beam’s tv room. This deleted my room I had before that...

Latest update requires a Sonos account? Please knock it off.

I don't want a Sonos account. I have enough accounts out there already. I paid a lot of money for the hub and speakers and now my usage is being held hostage to Sonos' desire for that fat data harvest...

Positioning of the Beam

The suggested position for the Beam is in front of the TV but I have used a spare shelf under the TV in my TV stand but I find that I struggle to get it to accept an Alexa command, like "Alexa turn of...

Pioneer Plasma and Beam problems

Ive just bought the Beam after waiting ages for it to come out. I have a Pioneer PDP-4280XD plasma which doesnt have ARC but does have an optical out. I've plugged everything in but my sonos app is sa...

2 accounts

I somehow made 2 accounts, how do delete 1. Thanks

Dolby digital 5.1 from SKY Q 2GB , Sonos beam

I have set my beam via HDMI ARC from my TV as recommended but when I change the output from PCM to DOLBY Digital on both SKY Q and TV but there’s no sound coming through.

Add Sonos 1 to Beam

I have an older Sonos 1 that I have moved to the TV room where I’ve just added a new Beam. How do I get the Sonos 1 to pick up the TV audio along with the beam?

Soundbar Placement above Fireplace

I want to instal a soundbar but the TV is located above a floating fire place and I’m told the heat rising from the fire with damage the bar- any solutions

Boost and Linksys Velop

I just upgraded my old Apple Extreme and basestation extender to the Linksys Velop triband mesh network. Since installing I cannot get my speakers to connect via the Sonos Boost. Is there some sort...

Advantages to Sonosnet

Hi, I have read many of the threads here but I am still not sure over what the advantages to using Sonosnet over my home WiFi are. Will it take some of the load off my home network? Also, I have 15i...

Beam with Connect:AMP

I currently have a Sonos Connect:AMP (with speakers and a sub attached). If I purchase a Beam soundbar, wilt I be able to use the Beam and the Connect:AMP (with sub) together?

TCL Roku TV and Play 5

I just bought a new TCL Roku tv. We have a play:5 set up in the family room and I'm told I can link the two and use the play:5 for the tv sound using the regular remote. But I can't figure out how t...

Sonos Beam + Logitech Harmony Ultimate (with Hub) using Wi-Fi issue

1. Scan for devices using Wi-Fi. 2. Sonos Beam detected and chosen. 3. Setup ask me for the correct modell. A) Sky S14 B) Origen AE Technology S14V C) Technicolor S14B 4. I dont know which...

Sonos Beam not emitting sound from Sony kdl46hx923 TV

I can hear music from Sonos Beam but the TV sound is not coming. I have connected it via HDMI ARC.

Can Sonos be used with a WiFi hotspot

I’m trying to find a way to use Sonos in my camper using a WiFi hotspot or some other portable router any ideas

hdmi for sonos beam

Just got my beam and wondered if i can use any hdmi cable as i need a longer one then the one supplied , cheers


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