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Add a speaker on a MacBook?

I had a speaker drop off the system....where did the setting go to add a speaker on the app on my MacBook pro? I can't seem to find it.....

Doesn’t show network names

We recently moved and set up our existing sonos soundbar in our new house in our new network the tv plays out of the soundbar but when I try to connect it to the app and set it up it ask me to choose...

Questin About Accounts

I just bought a Sonos Play:1 today . What a slick product. I have a question about how accounts works. I set sonos up on my PC, and got my itunes library hooked in. And put the app on my android. When...

Unable to setup Play:1 with Desktop App

So I recently moved to a new house and we will have no internet for a while, so I decided to give it a go by connecting my hotspot to my laptop and trying to set up a connection from there. I download...


An Error 1920 is being displayed when I try to reload my system. Uninstalled and tried to reload because it wouldn't play music from my library [ PC windows 10] Any ideas??

Paired speaker only plays when connected to ethernet

I have two gen 2 play 5s and the right side only plays when connected to the Wifi access point by Ethernet cable. I use a Google mesh network set of access points. I can get both to pair and work when...

Run Sonos One Speaker through SonosNet

I have 7 Sonos components. I have a Boost connected to a router/modem. So, on the "About My Sonos System" tab all components are designated WM:0 with the exception of my SonosOne which is WM:1. In...

Project essentials 3 to playbar

Hi all, I’ve been doing some research on setting up a turntable to my Sonos system. In the living room I have a play bar, 2 play 1s and a sub. I would like to add a turntable into this. As the proj...

NAS library error

Nas library error When I select a song for listening in a specific folder on my NAS, all the songs in that folder are added to the current playlist, which overloads that list of songs that we do not...

Controller just updated itself, no longer a way to add a component

Have the new flat/dark version.

Play 5 not recognised on floor 2.

Hi, I run a boost on my internet provider's router. Via this I connected a home theatre playbar, sub and 2 play 1's downstairs. Upstairs I can't seem to get the Play 5 connected. I have a separate net...

sonos one work with cellphones?

who i connect my smart phone wite sonos one?

Sonos One together with Playbar, does this makes your complete Sonos surround smart?

Hi, I got a question, if your setup would be: Sonos One, Sonos play: 1, Sonos Sub and Sonos playbar. When i want to listen to music and do a voice command, will the whole setup be voice controlled and...

Dolby digital 5.1 from SKY Q 2GB , Sonos beam

I have set my beam via HDMI ARC from my TV as recommended but when I change the output from PCM to DOLBY Digital on both SKY Q and TV but there’s no sound coming through.

Connecting Sonos One issue

I succesfully connect 3 sonos One but I couldn't connect the forth ones. Same wifi, I was close to a speaker already connected but no chance. I tryed also with LAN cable but no chance. What can I do?

Setting up Sonos Play 1. App doesn't have account setting or advanced settings...

When I try to update I get repeated update problem (error code 1101). The speaker is plugged into the ethernet cable and is right next to router. My internet is good. My android is a 7.1.1 Help!

Sonos One on Public Wifi

So I just received a Sonos One. I work at a place that I can only get on the public Wifi, and from what I understand Sonos will not connect to an unsecured network. I do have an iPhone with a hotspo...

Connect AMP with Polk Atrium 8

Almost ready to install my backyard system, looking for a little advice before I go ahead with the plan. 1. One Sonos connect amp 2. 4 Polk Atrium 8 3.. Fourway speaker selector built in impedance mat...

Sonos integration to in-ceiling wired system

Hi All. Looking for some guidance sorting out a home system for the in-laws. Sorry for the long post but here goes. The in-laws have recently moved into a new place that has what looks like a pretty...

Sonos One Turntable connectivity

I love the sound quality of my Sonos one speakers and would like to connect them to a turntable to play vinyl. Please advise on a compatible turntable and how to connect? I'm thinking of buying a Proj...

Converting DTS 5.1 to DD 5.1

I just purchased a Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Blu-Ray player and much to my surprise it does not transcode DTS 5.1-Dolby Digital 5.1 on the fly like my Xbox One X and Apple TV4K do. My question is what dev...

Projector Hookup

I have a projector in my basement and I am having issues streaming sound from the projector. I have an Onkyo receiver...do I need to get a Sonos Connect and connect it to the receiver in order to str...

Remote volume not working

When I installed the app and came up to the part where I had to connect my volume button to the Sonos, it didn’t work so I skipped it. Now I can’t tune my volume up or down. The error “Sonos (Optical)...

Setting Sonos up using a 4G mobile broadband dongle

I had to let go of my ADSL broadband account and switched to a 4G mifi dongle. I can't seem to get Sonos to connect to it, despite every device in my home successfully connecting. I have tried pluggi...

Works with Sonos setup

Hi. I am thinking of purchasing one of the Onkyo "Works with Sonos" receivers and connect a Sonos Connect to it. For a 5.1 home theatre setup to the receiver I will also connect 3 non-sonos wired spea...


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