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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Tips for new Sonos owners

Setting up Sonos for the first time? Here are some tips to get you started. 1. Download the Sonos app. You’ll need the app to set up and use your new Sonos system. 2. Set up your Sonos system....

"Lost Speaker" during Trueplay Tuning

Every time I try Trueplay Tuning, it tells me a speaker is "lost" and can't be heard. I know which one it is (a Play:1 I'm using as a surround) but I can't figure out what to do about it. It has wor...

finding path to Synology on a MAc

Hi, I have no clue where to find the path I need to type to point Sonos to my library which is on my Synology NAS. With command+I i don't get the format which is expected with the backslashes. I se...

Can't see iTunes Library after upgrading to iTunes 12.1.3 - Tried all suggested troubleshooting

Can't connect to iTunes & all menus under manage on my Sonos controller are greyed out - I am running OS 10.10.5 & am on iTunes & have updated the Sonos controller today & restarted my Mac -...

Getting Sonos to work with Orbi

I have a new Orbi wi-fi setup. My Sonos now only sees the wired Sonos products and not the 2 separate Play:1 speakers. Ive tried all the 'reconnecting' suggestions from the forum with no joy. I would...

Position for Beam

I’m looking at a Beam but due to the TV stand Beam won’t fit on the shelf directly below the TV but on the bottom shelf which is about 18” below the TV. Is this still acceptable or will it sound odd h...

Pairing Sonos Sub with 4 Play Ones

Best solution

McAfee Firewall

Sonos not found when McAfee firewall active. Made configuration setting as recommended but stii does not work.

Sonos not showing up as an option for playback in Tidal app

I have a Pixel 2 and a Sonos Play 1. The Sonos does not show up in the Tidal app, but my Google Home mini does. I have checked to make sure everything is connected to my router correctly and it is --...


Samsung tv ue43nu7400

Sonos 5 and Sonos play 1 stereo pair ideas

Hey All, i Have a play 5 now as its connected to my line in for my Turntable. I love it, but i want to add to it. If i stereo pair some Play 1's so i have the 1's on one side of the room with the 5 o...

No SMB2 or SMB3 support ???

Could it be, that Sonos still has only SMB1 clients on their speakers ? That would be a security whole as somebody could hack through SMB1 connections ... I can't believe that ....

New Sonos Setup - Recommendations for Unmanaged Switches

Please could you aid with answering the best setup that would work with the following. - Fibre broad broadband - House wired with Cat5e data ports in all rooms coming back to a single location (Locat...

Wifi Password change instructions need clarification

Attempting to follow the instructions for Sonos after changing my WiFi password were so frustrating, I'm motivated to waste more of my time to write this rather than move on. In short, trying to follo...

Playbar lost in space

Had a router bite the dust. Playbar still set to old SSID. Trying to set up playbar on new SSID. Tried spoofing old SSID with same password. Didn't work because network? iOS app setup fails rig...

Adding a new radiostation.

Hi, How can I add a music website to be played directly, when selected in the musicstation meny, on the sonos list of stations

Advantages to Sonosnet

Hi, I have read many of the threads here but I am still not sure over what the advantages to using Sonosnet over my home WiFi are. Will it take some of the load off my home network? Also, I have 15i...

Sonos killing its customers ability to play local music

So Where is support for NAS drives using version 2 or 3 of SMB????? Do Sonos really care so little for their customers. Looks like its time to ditch Sonos in favour of something up to date.

Sonos One

Kann mir jemand helfen? - Ich habe einen SONOS-ONE_Speaker, den ich mit dem SONOS-App in meinem Haus mit dem WIFI verbunden habe. Jetzt möchte ich drei Monate weg und den Lautsprecher mitnehmen. Ist e...

Adding Surrounds to Beam

The Beam does not connect to the Play:1 surrounds unless I have an Ethernet cable connected between the Beam and router. Can this be done without the need for an ethernet cable?

How to connect a Playbase to a Connect, to get audio into a wired speaker set-up

Hey all, Can someone share insights on how a Playbase would connect to a Connect, so that the audio from the TV can be routed (via the Connect) to an external amp (and speakers) that is connected to...

Sonos and Meraki

Does Sonos work with a Meraki Network?

How does sonos work?

Have had sonos for 3 years and still not been able to get it to work once. Is there a way to simply use it like Bluetooth?

How does the Sonos initial setup on iOS work?

I'm interested in some technical details about the Sonos discovery/initial setup on iOS devices. Most of the other WiFi smart devices need to create a temporary WiFi network that user has to manually...

Adding 5’s to a Beam

I’m wondering, in our lounge, I currently have a Beam with a sub. The volume power is good but not the capability I would like. I’m considering adding 2 x Play 5’s to the room. Would these have to be...


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