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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Setup, Install, and Getting the most from Sonos Amp

Welcome! Here you can find tips and tricks, how to get started, and many answers to the questions you might have about how to use the Sonos Amp. For the basic details, check out our introductory post...

Tips for new Sonos owners

Setting up Sonos for the first time? Here are some tips to get you started. 1. Download the Sonos app. You’ll need the app to set up and use your new Sonos system. 2. Set up your Sonos system....

windows 10 Sonos controller no longer recognizes an existing Sonos system

The windows 10 Sonos controller no longer recognizes an existing Sonos system (2 play 5 players) after installing a new router / password. The android app works recognizes the players though.

Two homes, one app/account?

I have Sonos devices (one Play:5 + two Play:1), in different locations (not moving them around or anything). Is there a way I can use the same phone, with the same app and account, for both places?...

Cutting out - Setting up Sonos One Gen 2

Had a Sonos Gen 2 for a week or so. When i set it up i just played the internet radio through it. i tried using the Sonostube but it just keep cutting out. Apple Airplay also cuts out all the time No...

How does Sonos connect to my secure wifi without being told password?

It's a mystery. I bought my first Sonos and followed the setup instructions. At no point did I provide my wifi password or even tell it the SSID of my wifi, but the Sonos joined my network and was v...

How do you group sonos systems for an alarm

The alarm setup has 'Include Grouped Rooms' however how do you create such a group using the App? Have three PLAY 1's in three different rooms and would like two have two of these rooms grouped for an...

Should I bother with a bridge anymore

Just hooking my equipment back up after a year away from it due to a move. I have a bridge, 3 Play:3s and a Play:1. My question is, should I bother with the bridge anymore? I'm seeing posts saying it...

Re-connecting Sonos Play 5 stereo pair

Have 2 Sonos Play 5 that worked well for two months. Installed a NetGear Extended for different purposes at a location 40 feet away from speakers. Speakers located within 10 feet of router. IPhone...

New Sonos Amp Outdoor Speaker Compatibility? (Bose/Sonance/Paradigm)

I'd like to know if anyone has more information regarding speaker compatibility with the new Sonos Amp. Specifically, I'd like to run at least 2 pair (4 total speakers) and preferably 3 pair outdoors....

mixed messages from Sonos app setup

running Windows 10 on Lenovo laptop Stage 1 downloaded & installed sonos app during setup, I was prompted to choose existing system, which I did; I got screen saying: "connected to your sonos system"...

Sonos / OS X Yosemite incapatible?

Happily listenting to Sonos on my Mac. Tired to add Spotify and it asked me to upgrade my Sonos. I complied and it now the new version of Sonos does not work at all with my OS X Yosemite. I do under...

multiple peripherals hooked through a receiver, use with sonos

This is probably a stupid question, but I want to make sure before I buy the rest of the sonos system. I've tried to search it multiple ways and I can't quite find the answer I am looking for. I h...

Are RG6 connectors any use for audio or data?

I bought a house. It's got Cat 5 connections in every room. Great, can hook up TV (I'm a cord cutter) and Sonos devices to these. But also have RG6 connections in every room. Assuming I don't want to...

resetting/connecting Sonos play3

I have changed my router and location. I have gone through all the suggested re-connection instructions and never get to a solid white light. Only blinking green. I have gone as far as factory rese...

Creating Zones

Multiple Zones - I am renovating a motorhome and I would like to set up 4 zones - zone 1= surround w/ soundbar, sub & 2 rears. Zone 2 = 2 One's in BR. Zone 3 = 2 one's outside. Zone 4 I would liker to...

A/V Sync

Just installed a Sony XBR900G and a Playbase. I wish Best Buy would have advised about compatibility issues between Sony (XBR) and SONOS (Playbase). It's almost impossible to sync audio with video whe...

Important Note If You're Replacing Your Bridge With a Boost

The order in which you replace your wired Bridge with your new Boost is really important. To avoid wiping out all of the work you've done to make your Sonos system uniquely yours, perform the steps be...


What is the best way to connect a microphone to sonos for using it as people would give speaches etc at a party. And what type of microphone would that be?

Sono Beam + Projector (No audio out port) + Apple TV (4th generation), is it possible?

I am planning to buy Sonos Beam, but I am not sure if Sonos Beam can replace my Bluetooth speaker. My current setup as follows Epson Projector (No audio out port) + Apple TV (4th generation) + Blue...

2 Sonos Beams in different rooms

Hi If I have 2 Sonos Beams attached to different TV's, how would it know which TV to switch on when you say 'Alexa, turn on the TV'. At the moment I have 1 Sonos Beam connected to the Living Room TV...

Sonos Playbar volume control using Bluetooth TV remote with no IR

Bought a new TV. It uses a Bluetooth remote, no IR capability, which the Playbar requires for volume control. Playbar can learn TV remote volume cotrnol, but only if TV remote uses IR. How to control...

Lost a room

Have two Sonos speakers in two different rooms. This morning, one of the rooms has gone away from the app on my computer, but I can listen to the speaker manually, and can control the volume. Cannot...

Setting up a play one speaker on a separate network then the other play one speakers

I want to set up a Sonos one speaker on a separate network in my business then the other ones in another part of my business

Extremely poor customer support

Why does such an extremely expensive product have nonexistent customer support?


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