In-wall cables for Line-in and Sub

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I am prewiring our new house for TV and sound.  We will have some wall mounted Fives and a Sub next to our main viewing TV.  We will also have some legacy speakers powered by the SONOS Amp.   We will be running Cat6a to all of the SONOS speaker locations including the wall mounted speakers.  There we will use a special Hubbell electrical box and Bryant Electric RJ65WTR outlets that allow power and data in the same box.  The SONOS Amp, my legacy stereo, and other components like possibly a Blu-ray player will all be located in a central location in the great room.  

I want to run the line-in cables in the walls to the remote Fives so that I can use them to connect into the SONOS system versus having to buy another Amp for a line-in connection.  I also want to run cable in the wall to the Sub location so that I can connect a 3rd party Sub to the Amp.  

What kind of wire do I need to run for the 3.5mm line-in connections to the Fives?  How far can I run it before the signal degrades noticeably, can I make up the ends after I run the wire, and should I use shielded cable with a drain wire?   I have the same questions for the third party Sub connection; what kind of wire, maximum length, shielded or not, and how to make the end connections.

Are there any other cables that I should consider running while I have the walls open?  I will be running HDMI from the central component location to a couple of the TVs.  I also will also be running speaker wire in the walls to my legacy speakers and to a stereo speaker in the master shower.


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I don’t have cable recommendations, but are you planning on using the wall-mounted Fives for your TV sound? If so just be aware that you might have sync issues. If they can be placed properly, you might be better off using your legacy speakers through an Amp for TV since that has an HDMI connection.


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For the TV sound I was planning to use the Arc, maybe the Sub and a pair of in-ceiling speakers or a couple of the Ones on stands for the rear surrounds.  The Fives mounted on the walls will be for ambient music only.   I would like to use the Fives however for inputs using the line-in connections.