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  • 20 March 2017
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I will start off by saying I am new to Sonos ad am about to set up my new house with a Sonos system, so I will apologise for my ignorance. In essence I want to set up my living room with a soundbar, sub, and two Play 1's to give me 5.1 surround. I then have an outdoor living which runs off that and leads onto a deck and a pool area. Rather than use a Play 5 for the outdoor area and have to move it inside after use, I was thinking of using some in ceiling wifi speakers. My question then is, do I need a connect or connect amp to run the wifi in ceiling speakers if I want to use them in conjunction with the Sonos system and if so, would the connect or connect amp run other wifi in ceiling speakers throughout the house if I wanted to use more.

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4 replies

If the in-ceiling speakers are wifi, I don't think they'll work with Sonos. If you were instead to use normal in-ceiling speakers, you could use a Connect:Amp to power them, and then they'd be on the Sonos ecosystem.

Basically, there aren't any other wifi speakers (that I'm aware of) that are compatible with the Sonos system. So you're better off with normal speakers for any in-ceiling location, powered by the Connect: Amp, and then you could group them with any Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, etc that you have. Although I've found that hanging a pair of Play:1s near the ceiling in my kitchen works pretty darn well. I thought about in-ceiling speakers, but running cabling and cutting the drywall, it just became easier to hang the pair using some mounts I bought.
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As above.
Sonos don't do a speaker for mounting in the ceiling. If you want a ceiling speaker you will need to buy the speakers you want and then run them from a Connect Amp. You will need speaker cable from the Connect Amp to the ceiling speakers.
Thanks guys very much appreciated
Is anyone running a Play 5 as an alfresco/outdoor speaker and unplugging it when not in use. Firstly, would that be a pain in the butt and secondly, would the sound be sufficient to manage an outdoor area or about 10m x 10m.