Important Note If You're Replacing Your Bridge With a Boost

  • 17 October 2014
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I see it, now trying to figure it out.

I just added a BOOST, it's unnamed room. Now I need to figure this one out. I'm assuming there's help on this elsewhere so I won't bog this thread down.

I have just purchased a BOOST and another Play:1 to add to to my existing working SONOS system which consists of the following:

Play:1 in Study - this is ethernet cabled to my wireless router/modem

Playbar, Sub & 2 x Play:3s in Living Room

Play:3 in Master Bedroom

Neither the BOOST nor the new Play:1 will connect to the current setup and I have tried using both the SONOS application on my MacBook Air and on my Samsung Note 3.

I have tried the BOOST connected both wirelessly and wired to my router and have also done that with the Play:1 - still, neither will connect and the SONOS app does not recognise the new devices.

Have tried a factory reset on the BOOST - no difference.

Any ideas please??

Any ideas please??
Welcome to the forums.

Your symptoms could be explained by an IP address conflict. As a first step restart your network.

Power everything off -- including all computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, network printers, cameras, etc -- and restart in order:
- router
- wired Sonos devices
- wireless Sonos devices
- everything else
Wait for each device to reboot fully before moving to the next.

If that resolves things you can help prevent a recurrence by reserving IP addresses in your router.
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Thank you for this tip
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I just swapped a bridge for a boost using SBSurfer's excellent instructions. Seamless transition, and hopefully, I will have no further drop outs. Thank you!
There is in fact an official FAQ.
I too have just had the sense to check on if there were any special 'do's or don't' regarding swapping out a bridge for a boost. I was very fortunate, indeed, to run into SBSurfer's advice/instructions. Totally seamless transition doing exactly as was instructions. Thank you very much!
Just about to replace wired bridge with a boost as bridge was causing issues with my router. I found this article and fear that as the bridge is not working in wired configuration so will not be able to take advantage of the advice offered. I have a wired Playbar any other suggestions?
[...] I have a wired Playbar any other suggestions?
That's sufficient. Just swap the Bridge for the Boost.
Thank you will try that.
Well that couldn't be much worse, didn't pick up old set up (might have done something in wrong sequence) and now can not even load from scratch. On top of this new Boost has started to exhibit the symptom I was replacing the bridge for in that it takes down the whole network (LAN) when connected (router seems unable to allocate ip). Tried giving it a fixed ip but same issue network unusable. Tried to call the Sonos support team, as this is getting way beyond what I can deal with, hung on for over 30 min and was then disconnected,

Sonos used to just work. This is awful!
You are experiencing a so called broadcast storm. I'd recommend you give the Sonos Support a call.
Can someone help, I am having an issue replacing my bridge with a play 1. when i add in the play one to the back of the router my whole sonos network goes down even if i leave the bridge attached
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richardfield: Thanks for reaching out. Apologies for the delay in response. If you are replacing your BRIDGE with a PLAY:1, we first need to determine if the PLAY:1 already existed on your Sonos system or if you bought the PLAY:1 new and have to still set it up. If the unit has already been introduced to your Sonos system and you are just moving it to take the place of the BRIDGE, then you shouldn't have to do much of anything to get it to come back up other than turning it on with he BRIDGE removed from power and the network.

Should the PLAY:1 be a brand new unit, then you will want to plug it into the BRIDGE using the included Ethernet cable and go through the usual steps to add a new player to your Sonos system.

If you are still having problems with replacing the BRIDGE with your PLAY:1, please submit a diagnostic report and I will be happy to take a look.Be sure to reply with the seven-digit confirmation number it gives at the end.

If something doesn't make sense or you would like me to clarify anything, let me know.
...Made the big error when fiddling with the bridge a few years ago and lost all my fun at all. So had a sneaky suspicion there might be a set order to do things in, a quick search here and i was right. All done, instructions pretty clear to
me and Sonos is back up and running as it should be...thanks to Sonos tech support for the quick Bridge replacement too
The original advice looks perfect, I just didn't have it! What do you do when you didn't do it the right way and now the Boost won't identify my speakers?
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What did you do wrong? Going from the info you provided I would suggest you reset the Boost to factory specs assuming that's your only issue. FYI, resetting the Boost will not affect any play lists.
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What did you do wrong? Going from the info you provided I would suggest you reset the Boost to factory specs assuming that's your only issue. FYI, resetting the Boost will not affect any play lists.

Adding existing speakers to a new system would though 😉
HI I just added BOOST - first I followed the instructions on the app, failed, replugged everything back to how it was, followed these instructions and it worked fine. One point though, when I retried it I updated the system on phone, pc the works before I added the boost, which did no harm