I want to "Set up a new Sonos system" but I am not given the option.

  • 26 October 2018
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Just spent 3 hours trying to set up my new sonos , only to find that the app on my ipad has an out of date os (9)and the app on my lap top and pc wont work either. It really does beggar belief!!!!!
A Sonos speaker where I live (Luanda, Angola), is stupidly expensive. This decision is even stupider. Great system, huge let down as I no longer have a smartphone. I may as well use them now as purely decorative items or to hold my coffee or something.
yes this post says it all. I cannot set up a NEW System

Trying to set my parents Play One up. The App loads on their Android phone but only gives "connect to existing system" option. Tried on my iPhone 7s...the only option available "connect to existing system" I loaded up the Sonos app on my MacBook Pro you guessed the only option available "connect to existing system"

Where is the option to set ups new system. Looks like they'll probably take it back now and get something else. I will try tech support but am not at all confident reading through this post.

Also why does the support documentation not give the correct advice? It set up a new system!!!?

What I simply don't understand is why the App RUN on a system where they cannot full function. Sonos would save their customers a awful lot of arsing around if the app just said "sorry, the app will not run not his device. That way at least we'd know. But my up-to-date iPhone 7s...this show the same issue as the MacBook pro ad android phone. It's hopeless!
I'm confused. It wouldn't say "Connect to Existing System" unless there was already an existing system to connect to. Do your parents have other Sonos speakers than this "new" PLAY:1?

Is this PLAY:1 new, or has it been used before somewhere?

If it is the only Sonos speaker that they have, then you could very simply do a factory reset.
Thanks for replying Bruce. It’s a brand new speaker. Never been ANY Sonos in their house before and I have done a factory reset 4 times! There is no ‘set up new system” option on any device tried. I will contact tech support but judging by this forum little will help. We’ll see! Conversely the Amazon device I have at my house took...what...3 mins to set up!!! And for those who are older I’d suggest the setup instructions with Sonos are embarrassingly poor. What can you do?? I think they’ll end up taking it back for a refund by l’ll try tech support!
What devices are you attempting to use to set this speaker up? What version of the Sonos software is running on them? This really seems like an odd thing, and I can't figure out why it would be doing so. Contacting tech support seems like a great idea to me. Would be interested in finding out what the end of the story is, in case it ever shows up again.
An android phone, an iphone 7+ and a Macbook Pro. All devices have just had the Sonos software install so I assume it is the latest versions. NONE give the 'setup up new system' option.
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Hi Cooksters

Ok assuming you have the latest OS for all your devices including the latest Sonos controller here are your options:

1. All devices including Sonos must be on the same Network. If using a Mesh Network only one of the modules(main) can be allowed to use DCHP and assign IP Addresses
2. MacBook Pro_cannot be used to setup a Sonos system (same applies to Windows)
3. Android Device/iOS Device_Plug-in a speaker then open the Sonos App. It will walk you through the setup

Click the links for more information

System Requirements:
Setting up Sonos:

Thanks AJ, for taking the time o reply.

MacBook Pro (and Windows). WTF!!!! That's is terrible...moving on...

Android Device/iOS Device_Plug-in a speaker then open the Sonos App. It will walk you through the setup doesn;' give this option (see attched photo of the screen). ON both devices. Both new installs, both new to Sonos....only one network in the house.
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Hi Cooksters. Thanks for the pic.

1. At this point I suggest you Factory reset your speakers. However before doing so read the instructions carefully as once done all data is erased and cannot be recovered: *

2. Reboot your router (unplug any range extenders or AP's )

3. Delete and reinstall the Sonos app on one device (iOS or Android) for setup

4. Unplug all factory reset speakers but one

5. Open the Sonos app and begin setup

* If you do not want to perform a factory reset then I suggest you call Sonos Tech support. Tell them you cannot submit a diagnostic as you have not been able to bring Sonos on-line.

Let s know how things sort out. Cheers!
Once again AJ thank you for taking the time to try help. I have tried the factory reset...4 times. There are no other Sonos devices in their house as never have been. It's all a big pain in the a***...and no setup via MacOS and Windows...that's a shocker! I think they have lost the plot here at Sonos. I have Sonos at my house and like it but I won't recomend it after this debacle. 😞
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Hi Cooksters

Sorry to hear that nothing worked. When I mentioned extenders or AP I was referring to devices that are part of your network other than your router that are used to strengthen or extend your Wi-Fi. Speaking of router what brand are you using?

Also, even if the Sonos controller loads to a device if the device software is not to the exact minimum requirements the Sonos Controller may not achieve full functionality. Your device software does meet the minimum requirements...correct?

I still recommend calling Sonos Tech support.