I can't update cause of error code 1101

  • 26 April 2018
  • 4 replies

I just installed my new sonos system and the app and it wont let me update so i can finish the setup. It gives me the 1101 error code

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4 replies

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Hello there, Redbull615. Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Typically, an 1101 error is a general disconnect error. Could you tell us a little more about your local network? Specifically, what is the make and model of the router you are working with? Do you have any wireless extenders or access points? Are any of your Sonos devices plugged directly into the network using an Ethernet cable?

Additionally, please submit a diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end. I will be happy to take a look and advise on next steps.

The more details we have, the better we can assist. Thanks!
I ended up going and buying a new router last night after talking to the people at best buy. I'll see if that worked tonight.
I have the same problem, but I’m also working in an off-campus apartment complex with built-in shared WiFi that I don’t have really any control over. The Sonos was a gift that I am excited to use, but I’m afraid the WiFi environment will be a restricting variable. I do, however, have ever other device synced to it without problem (smart TV, two game systems, two labtops, two phones) and all run without issue even with heavy internet streaming like Netflix, but I can’t even get my Sonos past the setup without the dreaded 1101
In your particular case, I’d recommend relocating the speaker to somewhere where you can actually connect the speaker to a router and run the update process, and once you’ve updated it, take it back home.

There’s a couple of thoughts I have as to why you can’t do it where you are, ranging from some WiFi interference (perhaps from neighbors or other random electrical devices) to the potential of the router blocking access to the location where the update data lives.

But no reason why you can’t take it to a friends home where they’ll let you connect it to the router directly, and run the update process.