How to set up more than one room on the same sonos system

  • 12 January 2014
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38 replies

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I know that I don't want the inside speakers playing while the outside ones are playing
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Maybe I'm not making myself clear.I have a Sonos system inside with a Playbar,The Sub woofer or bass and 2 Play 1's.I want to add 2 play 1's outdoors so that when I'm playing them the inside sonos system isn't playing and vice versa.How do I do that ??????? and if you know put down step by step instructions.
After you buy the Play:1s, add them to the system as instructed. Then Pair them as stereo by following these instructions:

How to set up a stereo pair using the Sonos app

Using the Sonos App for iOS or Android

1.From the Sonos music menu, tap Settings > Room Settings.
2.Select one of the speakers you wish to create a stereo pair with.
3.Select “Create Stereo Pair”, and follow the in-app instructions.

Using the Sonos App for Mac or PC

1.Choose one of the following: ◦On a Mac, select Sonos > Preferences > Room Settings
◦On a PC, select Manage > Settings
2.From the dropdown at the top labeled “Room Settings for”, select one of the speakers you wish to include in the stereo pair.
3.Click the button labeled “Create Stereo Pair” and follow the onscreen instructions.

After you do this, you will have two rooms defined on your Sonos app (I will call them "Inside" and "Outside", you can name them whatever you want in the setup). To play music outside, go to your app, and from the Now Playing view, swipe down from the Room name at the top, and then choose the Outside room. You can then control the outside room just like the inside room. It will have its own queue, own volume, etc.

If you wish to group the rooms together, go to the Rooms view as above, choose "Group" on the room you wish to group to (i.e. the one playing the music you want in all rooms), and then check the rooms you wish to add to the group and "Done". For instance, if you wish to play the TV audio outside, sweep down from the top to get the Rooms view, press "Group" on the Inside Room, click the X on the Outside room, and click done. Your Play:1s outside will now be playing the TV sound. Each room will have an individual volume control, or a group volume.
I don't think I saw an answer to the above thread. Simply stated, if you have one room or zone of devices called 'TV Room" and another room or zone of devices called "Kitchen"; how do you create another room called 'hallway" that just has the sub from the TV room and a Play 1 from the "kitchen" that can be separately tuned with trueplay --- while maintaining the integrity of the TV and Kitchen setups? Is this possible?
I came across this thread because in my studio flat my 'Lounge' setup is far too loud at the lowest setting when using a Playbar and 2 x Play 1's for surround sound.

I have a sub too, but deactivate that regularly in the advanced settings my housemates are around.

This loudness issue has plagued me for nearly 2 years now and it's very frustrating I can't have super low background music for when I'm working.

See other thread:

I good workaround I've been suggested elsewhere is to have a 'profile' or 'room' or some way essentially to play the music only through one of the Play1's in the room, instead of using the entire setup.

This would probably work, but I don't think it's possible is it?

I'm stuck either having all 4 speakers together as my 'Lounge', otherwise I'd have to create a new 'Lounge Primary', which is maybe just the playbar and sub, then a 'Lounge secondary' and 'Lounge Tertiary' if I wanted to be able to play a single Play 1 at times, but group all 4 speakers at other times.

But then I'd probably lose the surround sound effects of the Play 1's when I group eveything and I'm watching TV, wouldn't I?
Robin Hood - based on my discussions with Sonos it is not possible to do what you and I are asking for..... at this point in time. While one "room" can contain many speakers, one speaker CANNOT simultaneously belong to many rooms. I asked for this requirement to be thrown into the mix; but if you think about it, there is a current solution ..... buy more speakers and create additional rooms; so providing a solution to our problem will cut Info short term revenues. I have heard that other products do what we are looking for. I wish I had known about the limitation before spend $2k. I still have 60 days to vet other products on this issue and get money back.
I've only got a single Play 3 and a Bridge (currently connected to HiFi amp in another room). I wanted to use the Play 3 'stand-alone' but also via a Bridge connected to a PC line out for BBC Iplayer and other non-Sonos compatible sources. Sounds simple but Sonos can't do it. I need another speaker so might as well get a simple PC speaker system.
The Bridge is just that, a Bridge between your router and Sonos. It has no audio capabilities. You would need a Connect.
Apologies! I meant a Connect. My mistake.
If you have a Connect, it can be done. Just hook the PC output to the line-in on the Connect and set the Connect to Autoplay to the Play:3.
Thanks jgatie. I'll give this a go.
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I like how the Philips Hue system does this. They let you create multiple "scenes." The same lights may appear in multiple scenes, at different colors and brightness, throughout the day. They also sell wall switches that allow you to flip various scenes on and off easily.

Personally, I just have all of the SONOS speakers on all day, so this doesn't pertain to me, but I can see where a more advanced scene functionality would valuable for some folks.
My thoughts exactly Mike. i worked with Electrosonic systems years ago whereby channels and scenes could easily be programmed to suit any situation.