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  • 30 December 2018
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Hi guys,
1 month ago I bought a Sonos One (my first Sonos), and I really loved the quality.
Yesterday I received a Sonos Amp and Sonos Play:5, but I think that I'm doing something wrong.

I can listen Sonos One and Play:5 (even the TV throught them), but each of them are in different rooms, I didn't find the option to manage all of them in the same room. So, I have Sonos One as Room 1, Play:5 as Room 2 and Sonos Amp as Room 3:
- Can I reorganize both speakers in the same room? How?

Also, the addition of the Sonos Amp with the HDMI ARC to my Samsung TV, created me a few problems that I would like to know if it's a incorrect set up or not:
- The unique possibility to control the volume, is unplugging the HDMI ARC cable from the TV. I only can control the image, not the sound.

Best answer by Storm3 30 December 2018, 09:50

Sonos One can only be paired with another Sonos One.
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4 replies

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In the sonos app go to settings, room settings and then choose the room you want to amend. If it’s possible between sonos one and play5,you should see and option to create a stereo pair or and amp/sub.

This will then set them all under the same room name
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Sonos One can only be paired with another Sonos One.
You are correct to have them set up as separate 'rooms'. 'Room' is just a label for a speaker, or particular combinations of speakers. If you want the speakers to play the same music in sync, you 'group' them. Tap the 'Rooms' tab in the Sonos app. Tap the 'Group' button for one of the speakers and then tick the speaker(s) you want to play together.

You can also use Alexa groups, but let's not try to run before we can walk.
Thank you very much for the answers