how to get roku sound into sonos one speaker without hardwire??

  • 14 January 2022
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How can I to get roku's sound to cast to a single sonos one speaker without hardwire??

Some thoughts:

Other than hard wiring through the HDMI or if there is a mini stero jack out.

Alexa skill allowing the signal coming from the roku to be transmitted to the sonos one speaker.


The T V itself, an LG, late model.


A WIFI pickup from Roku to the Sonos one speaker.

Answers, please.



6 replies

Initial post deleted - just an error on my part, The TV won’t have an Airplay transmitter. It will just be a Airplay Receiver, so forget my earlier suggestion.

I don’t see that there is an easy way to achieve getting the Roku audio to the Sonos One speaker without first having either ..

  • A Sonos HT device connected to the TV or
  • By using a Bluetooth audio connection to a Sonos Roam from the TV itself and then ‘grouping’ that portable speaker with your existing Sonos One.

What if the sound out, came from an Apple 4?

So the concept is: While cooking dinner outside on the patio and seeing the broadcast through the glass door and NEEDING to hear the audio from the single Sonos one speaker mounted on the patio wall. 

What does one do to achieve this task?

What if the sound out, came from an Apple 4?

An Apple TV 4 could ‘Airplay’ its audio direct to the speaker, so that would work .. but also see the edit in my initial post too.


Thank you. "Trial and error make the world's greatest discoveries."

The Roku audio is probably going to be more problematic than the Apple TV 4, as the latter iOS device can send its audio-output over Airplay direct to a Sonos One - For the Roku device, you are likely going to have to connect its audio-out to a Bluetooth speaker, like the Sonos Roam, which in turn can then be ‘grouped’ in the Sonos App with the Sonos One over their WiFi connection and it will play the Bluetooth audio to the Sonos One aswell.

However, I personally think the Apple TV and ‘Airplay’, direct to the Sonos One, might be the better/easier option.


Thanks for your input. lol. 

Going to do that airplay thing tomorrow. I'll get back to you.