How to connect Sonos soundbar to a Sanyo tv ?

The Sonos system is installed and connected to the home Wi-Fi, but does not recognize my TV. The sound bar has an optical cable "D" shape. The TV has digital audio output plug (orange) which is not compatible. I purchased a mini adapter at Lowes. Also, no settings on my TV to turn internal speakers off. Nothing matches...Please help

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This the adapter I purchased but it does not make the soundbar working

And this is the sound menu of the tv. It does not offer me to turn internal speakers off
Your help will be appreciated if you know how to solve this issue. It is very frustrating to spend $2000 in a system that I can t make working.
You’ve got a few issues here. First, let’s talk about the connection and cable. The digital audio out that you show in the picture is an electrical connection. The cable you show is an optical cable. You’re going to need a converter to change that signal from electrical to optical.

But with no ability to turn off the internal speakers, I think you would be better off not even dealing with the sound through the TV, but instead separate the sound from the HDMI before it gets to the TV. If you look through the posts in the “home theater” section of this forum, you’ll find many people who have linked to various boxes that can do this. Basically, it is a box that takes many different HDMI inputs, with a single HDMI output, as well as an optical output. You would connect all sources to that box using the HDMI, like you cable box, DVD player, etc, and then connect the HDMI output to your TV, and the optical out to the PLAYBAR. Then you wouldn’t need to use the TV’s speakers, and could set the volume to zero. At that point, I’d set up the PLAYBAR to use a different set of commands for the volume, using an inexpensive programmable remote to send those commands.

Hope this helps.
Tganks for your reply ! The connections to the tv are ony the wii with netflix and also a dvd player, both are connected with red and white type cables. See picture. Nothing with hdmi cable. Would you please be so kind to advise me with an illustration of converter box that I need to buy ? just to make sure that I am not doing a mistake. Thanks for your precious help.

Ouch. Component cables. Does neither device have an HDMI output that you could use?

In any case, something along the lines of this should work:

The issue might be that you'd need 2 different ones, or swap the cables back and forth to get both the Wii and the DVD player to work, since the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE only have one optical input, not two.

Aha. You do have another option. Try one of these:

You'd run a RCA cable from your Digital output on the back of the TV (that you showed in the picture above) to the input of that device. It would then create an optical output that you could connect to the PLAYBAR, and your TV would be the switch, rather than having to swap cables around. Whatever you were playing on the screen would be what went out to your speakers.
It works !!!!!!! Thank you so much I am super excited I can finally enjoy 100%.
Heh. Glad to be of assistance. It really is a great system 🙂