How do you set up two separate sonos systems on the same wifi network?

  • 10 September 2021
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I have two rental units in one home, with shared wifi. I want each to have separate sonos music in each unit. The first one setup was easy. When I try and create the second one I create a new email id and separate sonos account for the second unit. Then I reset the app on my iphone and log in to the new sonos account and select set up a new system… but it automatically wants to join the system on the other unit with the shared wifi. Any idea how to do this?

3 replies

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Have you tried setting up the second unit while the first unit is powered off (take the plug out of the outlet)?

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You can run as many separate Sonos systems on the same network as you like. Easiest way to set them up is to power down all others and go through “create a new system”.

Once setup, nothing special needs to be done. You have to switch which system the official apps use (using Forget this system), or you can use third party apps that allow access to multiple systems at once (eg SonoPhone).

In my opinion there are security risks for both tenants while sharing the same WiFi credentials.