How do I hook up a Sonos BOOST to an existing Sonos Connect?

  • 11 October 2017
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I just recently purchased a Sonos Connect and had the tech guy hook it up to my amp. It worked ok, but just seemed to go in and out and spin, like it was disconnecting and losing signal... so I purchased a BOOST to hook up directly to my router. Now I don't know how to connect the BOOST, to my already connected CONNECT? I'm not to "techy", so some step by step instructions would be good! haha

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7 replies

You just did. Once you installed the Boost, the system should be switched over to Boost Setup automatically after a minute or so. To check, you can got to Settings->About My Sonos System. Under the Connect, there is an entry for WM (wireless mode). WM: 0 is Boost Setup, WM: 1 is Standard Setup.
And by "install", he meant you plugged the CONNECT in to power, and ran an ethernet cord from it to your router. That's all you have to do.

If you're still having it go in and out as if it's losing signal, you likely have an other issue, if so, please let us know.
I had similar concerns about this set up of an existing Connect and adding a Boost. Does there need to be any physical connection between the two?

I have the Connect in one room with my receiver output going into the Connect as it feeds two Player 1's in two separate rooms. The farthest Player 1 would have signal dropping issues so I purchased the Boost to help resolve this issue. The Boost is in another room entirely from everything else connected by wire to my router. However I am still noticing drops in the one farther Player 1. Now what?
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Were any of your sonos items already wired to the router?
Check the status of your kit as jgatie suggests a couple of posts up from yours.
Not prior to adding the Boost, no. And now only the Boost is wired to the router.
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If you have your system in boost mode you should then remove the ssid and password for your home wifi from the sonos, that can cause issues.

Take a look at your network matrix (use your IP) and see if there are noise or connection issues.
I never connected my Sonos to my home wifi. I was running it from my iPad or it was getting input from my stereo receiver via Connect.