How do I change the Wifi network my speaker Connects To?

  • 3 January 2019
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I brought my Sonos play one on vacation thinking I was doing something smart!
Goal: to sign my iPhone & Play 1 both into the network where I am at. Easy on my iPhone but none of the info online that tells me how to change the wifi network that my speaker signs into is working.

Here is what I am doing:

1) pressing the play/pause and + button at the same time. An orange light flashes.

2) I see this "Getting ready to connect your speaker", it takes about a minute.

3) It says "Your Play 1 has created a temporary network, now let's connect your iPhone to this network,"

4) The app prompts me to sign OUT of the Network at the house where I am on vacation on, the one I want my iPhone to be signed into (and my Sonos speaker to be signed into) and tells me to sign into the "temporary network" called SONOS

5) The first time I tried this, I saw the SONOS network and selected it, returned to the app and
I was prompted to sign back into the network at the house where I am on vacation at

7) Then when I went back to the app it didn't work. It said my phone wasn't signed into the SONOS network but my phone wasn't.

😎 So i have tried this 19 times but now my iPhone doesn't even see the temporary SONOS network. I am going in circles here.

All I want to do is sign my speaker and phone into the network at the house.
How do I simply change the network my speaker signs into (wirelessly)? Please help.

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Hi there, viavillalobos. In order to change the wireless credentials on a Sonos player without losing the music service credentials stored, you will need to wire the player in using an Ethernet cable for network access. After, you will go into the Sonos Controller app and head to More > Settings > Wireless Setup to change the wireless credentials.

If you do not mind losing your Sonos favorites or re-entering your music service credentials (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) then feel free to factory reset the player and set it up as a new device on a new wireless network.