Home for sale with no Internet

  • 31 March 2017
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I have a very large home for same that have no internet and I would like to add the SonosPlayBar to all the tvs. I have connected the audio cable from my Comcast box to the Sonos but I could not complete the setup. What is my best option to set this up without internet. Maybe a router with no internet access will work, if so, how do I set this up? Thanks for the help!

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2 replies

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Others know more about this than I do but you won't be able to set-up WITHOUT internet access. You may be able to use a mobile phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and then a DIFFERNET phone or tablet to complete the set-up (and probably update of the Playbars)
I think Stuart is right and you will need internet for set up (and for subsequent updating if you want to stay up to date). For day-to-day playing of locally stored music a router without internet connection would provide the WiFi network you need. However, the router may itself need temporary internet access for setup.

Stuart's suggestion of using the mobile network for set up is a good one, assuming there is 3G/4G mobile network access at the location.