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  • 19 October 2020
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I was just hoping you might be able to help me with the setup for my Sonos Arc. I recently bought the Arc, Sub Gen 3 and 2 x Fives.

The issue I'm having is how & where to place the Arc. Wall mounted or on a shelf under the TV. After looking at some videos on best positioning for Atmos, I'm not sure what option to go with. If I wall mount the Arc straight to the wall 4-6" below the TV it will be very low down, lower than ear level.

So, I am considering placing a wooden strip 90x10x2.5" on the wall underneath and then mounting the Arc to that so it's secure and will clear the TV, I could then place it 4" below the TV, Or closer if that works? 

If closer is ok I could have the back of the Arc flush with the TV so all the speakers clear the tv and the height of the Arc would be ear level this way?

If I go with a shelf it would allow me to adjust the angle of the Arc to get the best MLP distance but it wont be fixed which i would prefer with a child in the house.

It would be great to get som help here!

I've included a picture of the room, and here are some measurements that might help with advice - 

Ceiling is 8ft high

Bottom of the TV is 5.4ft from the ceiling

floor to bottom of the TV is 2.7ft

TV is 6cm/2.3" from the wall

MLP is 7.8-8.2ft from the TV (I'm getting a new couch so this is an estimate)

TV is 65"

I have the official sonos wall mount for the Arc.



4 replies

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Hi @DCarr 

My 65 inch TV sits at 36 inches from the floor. My Arc sits on an entertainment cabinet at 28 inches from the floor. The distance between the bottom of the TV and the top of the Arc is approximately 5.5 inches.  I’ll share this last measurement although it has little to no bearing on wall mounting of an Arc; but for information sakes my Arc (as it sits on the entertainment cabinet) is approximately 16 inches forward of the TV. 

Using my measurements can you raise the TV approximately 4 inches (5 to 7 inches would be great).


Hi AjTrek1 , the TV is fixed so unfortunately no moving it up or down!

I need to find a position for the Arc that will give the best outcome.

I think my main question is… is the 4” distance between the Arc and TV advised by Sonos to allow for the upward firing speakers to clear the TV or is there another reason?

If its just to avoid anything blocking the speakers then I could in theory mount the speaker under the TV but out from the wall.

I have seen some videos of people mounting the Arc directly under the TV using a “floating bracket” attached to the TV. Not a route I will take but if the proximity to the TV doesn’t impact the sound quality I inclined to lead towards my idea above. I just haven’t come across a reason not to yet, I’m not sure if I’ve just missed it. 

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Hi folks,

@AjTrek1, thank you for your usual assistance. We really appreciate it.

@DCarr, thank you for reaching out to the Sonos community. I appreciate you for your detailed post and for sharing your setup with us.

To further help you with this, I would recommend contacting our Sales specialist through phone or email where you can send the image and your floor plan for assessment and provide you the best option.

Please feel free to reach out in the future if you have any other questions.

You're always welcome here.