HDMI switch and TV antenna

  • 25 October 2019
  • 2 replies

My tv doesn’t have an ARC or Optical. I bought one of the recommended HDMI with optical switches from amazon, after reading countless post here. I’ve got my beam and play:1’s all hooked up and they sound great through anything that is plugged into the switch, which is just a roku. That’s pretty much all we use.  The problem is I also have an antenna plugged into the tv that I use for watching local channels. When I switch back to TV setting the sound from the beam is still playing whatever’s on the roku device. Is there any work around to make my TV antenna essentially an HDMI I can plug into one of the ports. Is there any work around  for this so I can still watch my local tv with the surround? Thanks 

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2 replies

Hi. What audio out does your TV have? Surely it has something? What make and model is it?

Sorry I just saw this reply. I  don’t think it technically does have an audio out. It’s the RCA cables. Red, yellow and white. It’s an LG, LCD tv. I’m not sure of the model. It’s about 5 years old.