Having trouble connecting speaker to second sonos set up

Hi I’m new to sonos from bowers and Wilkins set up, I have 2 sonos set ups one in the house and one in the summer house, I moved a play 1 speaker from summer house into my house set up which connected fine on that WiFi ( must add different WiFi in each place), then I tried to return it back to summer house set up and the app finds the speaker and asks to press the 2 bottoms to pair and wait for tone and it will not connect, tried turning power off and back on still not joy 😫

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Hi damo40

First there is no need to have a different Wi-Fi at each house. You could set the SSID and Password to be the same at both locations. Sonos or any other Wi-Fi device would not know the difference and automatically connect. There are no "flavors" between 2.4ghz at House A vs House B :D

What is happening now is your Sonos is looking for Wi-Fi credentials at each location. I suggest you do the following:

1. Set both locations with the same SSID and Password
2. For now go to your iOS or Android device tell it to forget the Wi-Fi from the other house
3. Connect your device to the current network
4. Following the instructions in the link to get your Play 1 back on the alternate network:

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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