Google Wifi mesh

Hi guys.

I have recently bought couple of Google Wifi mesh, and replaced the "old" router system i had in my house.

Now I can't seem to acces my Sonos Play's to set them up to the Google Wifi Mesh system.

Apparently Sonos wants to be connected via Ethernet cable, but there are no ethernet exit on the Google Wifi Mesh, or am I mistaken?

Hope someone can walk me through it, since im not very good at these kinds of things :)

Thanks! :)

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm looking at the Amazon page for the Google pucks, and it does look like there's at least one of them in a picture that's upside down, and shows that there is an ethernet port that you to connect to. I don't know if it's on all 3 pucks that are sold as part of that package, or just one.
There are one puck, but as I read the instrucktion for Google Wifi, this is only to connect it directly to the internet, so the Google Wifi can make the internet wireless.

But I will try it to be sure :)
Hi. There have been numerous users on here who have connected a Sonos device by Ethernet to the main Google unit, so I am pretty sure this is possible. And the best thing to do.

Please could you confirm whether your original ISP modem/router is still being used in any capacity in your new setup?

The system is set up like this: (sorry for my bad english)

The internet (fiber) comes into my house into a router by the door. The router only have one Ethernet connection port, witch the first of my two Google Wifi units use. So the only Ethernet port in the router and the only port in the #1 Google Wifi unit is occupied.

#1 Google Wifi sends the signal into the house (Mesh) to the other Google Wifi unit, witch is only works coardless. That sends the signal all over the house.

But maybe I can connect the Sonos Play directly to the empty Ethernetport in #2 Google Wifi?
I thought this was only for connecting the internet to the Google Wifi so it can be send coardless into the house?

Thank every who is helping :)
All Google Wi-Fi points have two Ethernet ports.

First installed device uses one port as WAN the other for local Ethernet, all additional devices then have two Ethernet ports available for local devices (or wiring between points) you can connect a switch to these ports if you need additional hardwired connectivity.

So just connect a Sonos device to one port.
Hi Belly M.

I will double check when I come home.

If you are correct that will be an easy fix :)
@Belly M is correct, I am sure. Also make sure that wireless is turned off on that original router (although if it is a pure modem it will be OK already).
Hi John.

I will double check it to be sure :)
And if it isn't so, please post a link to somewhere that shows which Google puck you have, so that we can be sure we're giving accurate advice.

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