gifted sonos boost

We have been gifted a sonos boost and bridge, but no sonos speakers. I know I can connect the boost to other non-sonos speakers through cables, but can I use them if I don’t have any sonos speakers at all?


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Kind of a crappy gift if you don't even have a Sonos speaker, but now you have a reason to make the investment! 😃
You can't usefully connect the Boost to anything by cables. Are you sure it is a Boost not a Connect?

Are you sure it’s a Bridge/Boost and not a Sonos Connect or Amp... there are no speaker connections on either a Sonos Boost, nor a Bridge, but you can attach 'active' speakers to a Connect or 'passive' speakers to a Connect:Amp ...(and a few other things!!).

Maybe look online to see precisely what the devices are that you have... a Boost or Bridge though, are not much use to you without other Sonos devices. They are each used just to create a Sonos 'exclusive' WiFi network called SonosNet and nothing else can be achieved with either of those devices.
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Can you post a picture?
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Which of these three do they match?

Either I've been drinking, or I see six.....
Sorry, yes it a connect and a bridge.
But even so, we’d need a sonos speaker right?
Yes; and the Connect is almost certainly superfluous. If you get a Sonos speaker, even a bridge may be superfluous.
But they may both make sense if:
  1. The bridge, if you want to make use of the more robust wireless network, Sonos net, and wiring the Sonos speaker to the router is not convenient.
  2. The Connect, if you want its line in jacks that will allow you to add a turntable to the Sonos set up. Or, if you want to use bluetooth, by wiring a bluetooth receiver like an Echo Dot to the same jacks.
Of course, if you already have a legacy stereo set up, the Connect can be used as a source for it, to make it capable of access to digital music, wirelessly. Whether from the internet, or that stored in a networked computer or server.
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+1 for using the Connect with an existing stereo. Option 2: you can get powered speakers like Kanto or Audioengine and use the Connect to bring the Sonos stream to them, then add more speakers over time. For a very long time, my Sonos system was simply a ZP100 connected to my stereo with a Bridge attached to my router to provide internet access.

I've used a pair of Kanto YU5's with a Connect for rather nice sounding bedroom stereo setup before. They also have an optical input and Bluetooth so they are quite versatile

Powered speakers with good reputations:

Either I've been drinking, or I see six.....

LOL - did it on the iPad when I was tired, and couldn't get the post editor to delete one of them
The idea of Connect+powered speakers is also excellent. For about half the price of an equivalent Sonos stereo speaker pair solution, this should be available, leveraging the fact that the Connect is free to you.