Gen1 Play5

  • 12 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I bought the Playbar, sub, and 2 Play5's about 4 years ago and had the Play5's set up as surround speakers. I moved and an trying to reset everything up but the only option I have for surrounds now are Gen2's. What now? They are still working but I can't make any adjustments to them anymore.

2 replies

Not sure how you had gen 1s set up as surround speakers. They don't have the 5Ghz wifi receiver necessary to bond with a PLAYBAR. Is it possible you had them set up as a separate room, and grouped them with the PLAYBAR?

PLAY:5s are great speakers, but a bit of an overkill in my opinion for surround speakers. Much more suited to straight music. I'd get a pair of PLAY:1s or Sonos Ones for the true surround experience, and use the PLAY:5s for music, even in another room.
I'm not sure either. But in Living Room, i had the Playbar set up and the speakers shown for that room were S+LS+RS. Heck, they're half way set up now. It let me add the first Gen1 but for the right the Gen1 choice disappeared. IDK


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