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What is the minimum things you need for first step home theater setup? Thanks :cool:

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Just starting with the soundbar then adding possible?
klinger wrote:

Just starting with the soundbar then adding possible?

Sure. It say so on the marketing page I directed you too: "Start with PLAYBAR"

You'll find that the most common questions are answered there.
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klinger wrote:


You can start with what ever you wish, if you want to start with a playbar or a play:1. The only things to know about is:

Playbar + sub or playbar + rears will need one unit connected to your router. Your first setup has to be done with wire to router, so you can update your units.

If you use playbar without sub, you can use it wireless after initial update/setup. When adding sub and/or rears, you will need either playbar, rears or boost, etc. connected (or a bridge) to your router.

Other than those quirks, you can start with what ever you wish. The sub you add to for instance your playbar, I call my Sonos surround "living room" (it then is a group of the playbar+sub+2xplay:1).

Also one other thing: play:5 does not work and can not work as rear surrounds, yet the play.1 are more than enough for this.


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