Feature Request: Create exceptions for holidays (for alarms)

  • 30 May 2022
  • 4 replies

There are days when you don’t want your regular alarms to execute.

4 replies

One touch from the System tab (the clock icon top left) already takes you to the Alarms page, where a single touch toggles each alarm on/off.

The system contains a weekly alarm schedule. To include an annual schedule for public holidays -- which differ in each territory that Sonos is sold -- would be a programming distraction from other much needed features, and moreover an administrative headache as new calendars would have to be distributed each year.

And what if there were some holidays the user wished to observe, but others they could not? Or even some alarms on the holiday days that they wanted to retain? That would require a feature to edit them all across the annual calendar. Then the user’s pattern of observance might change from year to year…

A first world problem surely.

Several ticks below the bottom of my wish list.

One could be forgiven for suspecting that someone was awoken prematurely on Memorial Day ...

I’m boggling at how to implement this. I’m in the US, I recognize the ‘traditional’ holidays, but I have friends who mind the Jewish holidays, or Muslim holidays, or other more obscure (to me) calendars. All of them are equally valid, but it would be rare for any one home to observe all of them. Would Sonos need to maintain a list of various calendars in the system that a user could choose? How much memory are we willing to cede on each speaker to sate this need?