Ethernet to phone connection

  • 28 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I was wondering if i can connect my sonos speaker to my phone, so i dont need the speaker to be connected to a router???? (play:3)

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2 replies

No, it's designed to be an internet connected speaker. You don't have to have it wired with ethernet cable to the router, you could set it up in Boost mode, which puts it on your local wifi network, but there's no way to directly connect a Play:3 to a phone. If you had a Play:5, you could use a headphone cable to the line in on that speaker to directly connect.
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So to clarify a couple of things Bruce said...

1. You could use WiFi to connect to your router wirelessly, rather than using a wired connection. Sonos refers to this as standard mode.
2. If you don't want to wire the speaker to your router, you could wire a Sonos Boost or Bridge instead. Then the speaker will use a separate wireless network (SonosNet) between the speaker and the wired device. Sonos refers to this as Boost mode.
3. If you have a Play:5 speaker, you could set it up with AutoPlay so that when it detects a signal on the Line In connection, it will automatically play the Line In audio. Then it doesn't need to be connected to your network at all, though your phone needs to be wired to the Play:5 (or you could find a Bluetooth receiver, connect THAT to the Line In, and connect your phone to the Bluetooth receiver).