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I used to have a network share (Synology NAS) up and running on my Play:1, Play:3 & Play:5. However, the IP address of the share has changed (dynamically, I think) and the library (of some 50,000 tracks) is no longer accessible on Sonos. I try to add the share - with its new IP address - to Sonos, but it doesn't work, stating that "Sonos was unable to add the music folder".
It then directs me to a URL re 'server stack'. However, I am reluctant to carry out registry adjustments.
Can you help please?

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First, I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at.

You haven't mentioned your OS, but you may want to be sure that you've got SMBv1 turned on, that may be causing an issue with you being unable to add the shared location. If you're running windows 10, there's a lot of discussions in these forums on how that can be done.
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Hello there. OS is Windows 10. I don't know what SMBv1 is or where/how to switch it on.
Systems diagnostics have been sent, # is 8189733.
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Hello - any update on this please?
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If you're trying to add a folder from your Synology NAS, this wouldn't have anything to do with your Windows registry.

You might want to check with Synology support, but I believe some NAS manufacturers have been disabling the SMBv1 protocol that Sonos needs to work in recent firmware updates. There is likely a setting in your NAS to re-enable the protocol so that your Sonos device(s) can access your music from the NAS.
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Right - a bit of progress on this. I've managed to find SMBv1 and enabled it.

It has now got to the stage where it 'seems' to be adding the network share to the music library. It shows the message "now updating your music library", but eventually (after a few minutes) errors with the following:

"Can't update Music Library.

There is not enough room to update your music library. Please remove unused queues or saved playlists and try again."

There is no library actually attached to the Sonos at the point of trying to add this - it is 'empty'.

What I will add is that I did have a working Sonos for about 2-3 years with the same NAS drive/music library (with maybe 10% fewer tracks); but about 6 months ago there seemed to be a number of (different) issues with the overall system, be they network or other areas. Since then I have never managed to get it into a working state again. I have some 50,600 tracks in the NAS/Music Library.

Any thoughts?
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My next suggestion would be to try adding it again, let it error out... then submit a diagnostic through the Sonos controller and post the confirmation number here. A Sonos employee can see what's going on and hopefully provide further assistance.
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Have tried once more - as instructed by MikeV, and let it error. Then submitted diagnostics. The diagnostics number is 8235397. Please investigate. Thanks for your help.
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Hi there, meenzer. Thanks for the diagnostic report. I was able to take a look and just as you described, it shows that the Local Music Index is full. This means that our limit of 65,000 tracks has been reached. I understand you reported 50,600 tracks in the NAS which leads me to think that either the tracks are duplicated in Sonos or you actually have more music than what you are finding. Did you happen to remove the previous library before importing the music library? If so, what do you see when you select the Music Library on Sonos? Can you access only some of the music?

Interesting to note: When I looked into the first diagnostic, it shows that you had 48,596 tracks already introduced to Sonos. Is this correct? If you were unable to add the share, it wouldn't show up in the Index.

Regarding the system as a whole, I would also recommend taking a quick look to check for any large electronic devices or appliances around the Kitchen PLAY:3 - it seems to be dealing with a significant amount of interference from its immediate surroundings, which can lead to audio dropouts.

Thanks again in advance!
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Got the network share added - did as Keith N suggested by removing previous versions of libraries and added afresh the library once more.
I take note your comments with regards to interference in the Kitchen PLAY:3 - at the moment, there is little option of moving it/other objects in the kitchen. May just have to live (temporarily, I hope) with audio dropouts there!!

Issue can be closed.Thanks!


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