endless loop of connecting play3 - it fails to recognise it's on the WIFi network

  • 10 September 2019
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Hi community, I'm two hours in to trying to connect two play 3s to my home network... loosing will to live...
  1. these speakers have been set-up on this network for 12 months
  2. Overnight my iPhone does not recognise sonos via the app or Spotify where I usually access it
  3. I factory re-set the speakers
  4. I delete and start again with the controller app
  5. The app recognises the first speaker
  6. The temporary network connects fine
  7. The speaker goes 'bong'
  8. I select the speaker
  9. I say 'yes' lets set-up the speaker
  10. I provide the login for the WiFi network
  11. The screen says: added The[ ] has been added to your Sonos system.
  12. The same screen offers to "Add a speaker" or "Not Now"
  13. Then the app tells me it can't connect to Sonos
  14. Then I'm stuck back inthe loop all over agian.
This is driving me crazy... help!?

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