endless loop of connecting play3 - it fails to recognise it's on the WIFi network

  • 10 September 2019
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Hi community, I'm two hours in to trying to connect two play 3s to my home network... loosing will to live...
  1. these speakers have been set-up on this network for 12 months
  2. Overnight my iPhone does not recognise sonos via the app or Spotify where I usually access it
  3. I factory re-set the speakers
  4. I delete and start again with the controller app
  5. The app recognises the first speaker
  6. The temporary network connects fine
  7. The speaker goes 'bong'
  8. I select the speaker
  9. I say 'yes' lets set-up the speaker
  10. I provide the login for the WiFi network
  11. The screen says: added The[ ] has been added to your Sonos system.
  12. The same screen offers to "Add a speaker" or "Not Now"
  13. Then the app tells me it can't connect to Sonos
  14. Then I'm stuck back inthe loop all over agian.
This is driving me crazy... help!?

7 replies

I am having the exact same problem trying to setup my playbar. Only difference is that this is the first time that i’ve tried to set it up. Just purchased it. I am well versed with doing this. Definitely not my first piece of Sonos equipment. That screenshot almost gives me chills. I’ve seen it for the last 3 hours!!!
Have you tried connecting by Ethernet temporarily, if that is practical for you? Do you currently have any other Sonos device wired?

I assume not purchased second hand? (If already used elsewhere, a factory reset is needed.)

Please resist any temptation to factory reset any of your other speakers.
purchased directly from Sonos. I have tried the ethernet option. no luck. this is at our new rental unit, so It is a new Sonos system being set up using my existing account. this is the only speaker being set up on the system. (one speaker system). We have our own network here that is password protected.
If you haven't done so already, try a router reboot i.e. power off and on. I would stick with Playbar wired for the moment as it eliminates some possible causes.
@John B
Just for reference, it's 19 days later and I still have not solved this issue.
My speakers were purchased new.
They worked perfectly (after tedious setup) until they didn't...
No other sonos products are in the house
The Ethernet cable does not work, it creates an 'unrecognized' device on the network.
On my virgin router Hub3 (website login) you can see both sonos speakers and my phone on the WiFi network.
Everything has been reset; speakers, App, WiFi, router, phone....
The iPhone app still does the same routine, same screen.
I tried calling sonos helpline, spent 1 hr on hold waiting for an operative before I decided it was probably better for my sanity to give-up on sonos for now.
Anyone who has a fix, however I'd be very glad to hear it... maybe even the company that sold these expensive bookends?
I still have the same situation as Roland. Trying to connect through Ethernet connection (yes, I reboot everything) doesn't recognize the Playbar either. I have a Playbar just sitting in a box right now.
OK, so customer care have a suggestion.... see below, I'll try this and report back!

Hello Roland,

I am sorry to hear you had issues setting up your Sonos System.

I would personally recommend that you try the following:

-Set 2.4GHz to a fixed channel and 20MHz channel width
-Set wireless security to WPA2 from WPA/WPA2
-Make sure the 2.4Ghz wireless isn't set to "N Only" ( occasionally the routers ship set with "N Only" )
-if you have opted into Virgin's free public wifi service,the router will also be broadcasting an additional SSID "Virgin Wifi" , this is isloated from your network. To reduce the strain on the router it is advisable to opt out of this service. To do so go to > My Profile → Virgin Wifi , when signed in using your primary My Virgin Media details.

Should you still encounter issues after these steps, I would kindly ask you to provide us with the following infos:

-Please let us know if you are using any extenders or repeaters for your network
-For us to get a better overview and be able to assist you, could you please reproduce the issue and then submit a system Diagnostic as described here.

Please reply to this email with the confirmation number. We should then be able to localize the issue.

Your reference number for this inquiry is 01128907.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

With best regards,

Casian H.
Sonos | Customer Care | Contact Us
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