Eliminate annoying TV messages when using a remote

  • 11 September 2019
  • 1 reply

I have a playbar attached to a Samsung TV. Sonos has a publication which describes how to remove a pop up message involving reprogramming the volume buttons (volume Up/Down & mute) on the remote so they control the playbar and not the TV. The publication has the different remotes provided by the TV providers. I have the Atlice One service with Optimum. However, the Altice One remote I have is not included in the publication.

Have any Optimum Altice One subscribers been able to remove the pop up message? If so, how?

1 reply

Is that remote "programmable"? If so, just tell the remote not to use the TV's normal IR signals for volume up/down, but some other TV that you don't have in your house. Then just reprogram the Sonos Controller to accept those new IR codes. Your TV won't "see" them as its own volume commands, and put up a warning on the screen, but your Sonos doesn't know what TV you have, so it will read the new codes, and change the volume for you.

Conversely, get in touch with the TV manufacturer and ask them how to stop this popup. In a few cases, I believe, it's just been an update of the firmware. In the majority of the cases, the above "workaround" does the trick.