Different EQ setup for surround and music playing?

  • 13 September 2017
  • 2 replies

Setup: 2 x Play5, 1 x Sub, 1 x Playbar


Is there a way to set up a different EQ and bass level for surround than for playing music (the latter being mainly Spotify and Tuneln Radio) on the system? It is especially the bass level that becomes annoyingly high when looking at movies as compared to playing music and it would be convenient not to have to reconfigure the level each time when hopping in between the two uses of the system.

Many thanks in advance!



2 replies

I'd love this feature too. Music needs some beef lower down but for movies and TV that I'm just watching in a daily basis, I don't need my system to be booming like an IMAX cinema
We need this ability.


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