Denon Receiver to sonos connect not working

  • 2 February 2018
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I want to play music from my wi-fi/Bluetooth enabled Denon Receiver to my sonos connect so then I can pump out music ( from my receiver) to my sonos one speakers ( located in my bathroom). I have attached pics of what the back of my receiver looks like. I want to know which source/plug/output would i run out of my receiver to the input section of my connect. I'm thinking I might need an HDMI to a/v adapter to plug from my receiver to connect, if that's the case then which hdmi port should I run it out of? I hope this all makes sense. Thanks for any help

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22 replies

I don't see a line level audio out, so the pre out socket below the sub woofer out should do it. Pre out also means volume controlled outputs, so the volume control on the Denon will need to be manually set to get the necessary sound levels.

Check the manual of the Denon once to confirm.
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I think that this is the Denon AVR-S720W (hard to be sure from the photos) then the pre-out / sub-woofer connection by default is only the low frequencies. It is not a right and left signal but two matching LFE outputs for a pair of powered sub-woofers.

To enable full range output (but still mono, not stereo) you can change this setting:
Stanley_4, you are right ( impressive) it is a DENON AVR S720 and it does have 2 subwoofer slots. I looked at the links you sent me and i dont understand ezactly what im supposed to do. Do i hook up a single cord from the subwoofer slot to the audio in slot on my connect? Are both my sonos one speakers going to have a delay from the rest of my speakers?
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Yea your receiver has no true analog output. Only way I see you being able to pump music through a connect is to use the headphone jack on the front (which will disable the audio from the Denon speakers when you plug that in).

I hate when companies don't give proper outputs.
Can I go back a step? What sources of music do you wish to play in this way? For music streaming services or locally stored music you would be better streaming it FROM the Connect TO the receiver and simultaneously stream to the Play speakers by grouping. If the source is CDs, rip them lossless and play them locally. If it is a turntable, run the turntable, not the receiver, into the Connect.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding what you are trying to achieve.
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Sounded like he wanted to use the Bluetooth ability in the receiver. What he could do is get a cheap Bluetooth and hook it to the input of the connect. Then the output of the connect to the receiver.

Then instead of using the receiver as the Bluetooth source he can play to the Bluetooth Dongle - which in turn then would feed all his sonos speakers and the receiver in sync. This would actually keep everything sync'd better then using the receiver as source where its speakers would be 70ms ahead of sonos speakers.

Good thought John!

Example dongle he could get to add Bluetooth to his whole system via connect
John, the main function of my sound system is to play internet radio music or Pandora or regular local radio( from my wi-fi receiver) through not only my speakers attached to said receiver but also my sonos one speakers that will be placed in an adjoining room. This is starting to seem like it kinda can't be done.
But why are you trying to do this? There is a better way to achieve the desired end result. What do you perceive as the advantages of your approach?
Play Pandora and internet radio using the Sonos app to the Connect and hence on your receiver and speakers. Do the same on your Play speakers.
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I agree with John. The only time I use my connect to take sounds from my receiver is when I am streaming through the PC on a service not available to Sonos. In every other case the connect is sending the music to the receiver, which means it plays in time with other grouped zones.
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Yea they are all correct you want Sonos to initiate the Pandor and internet radio. You just need to hook your connect output to the input on the receiver so it can play the same thing.
Oh ok. I think I'm starting to see ur point. So I should pump the music I want (internet radio Pandora and such) from my connect to my receiver. If I decide to go that route, what will I be plugging into on my receiver?
Any RCA input except phono, or digital optical or coaxial. Depends whar receiver offers. If you use digital out from Connect you will be using your receiver's DAC, analog out means the Connect DAC. You probably wouldn't hear any difference.
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Looks like you have it right from the pictures. You have the Sonos plugged into the Media Player in - - then that cable goes to the OUT plugs on the Sonos. Then set denon on front to play Media Player and go into Sonos app and play radio/Pandora to the denon. Sonos will control what the Denon plays.
In effect, the Connect makes the receiver's wireless connectivity redundant, which is probably not what you intended when you bought it?
John, lol no that's not why I bought it. I bought my receiver thinking it would be the answer to all my problems. But it looks like it's causing more. I just liked looking on my tv screen and picking out internet radio stations and playing them through my receivers speakers. Now it seems in order to keep my sonos speakers I have to forgo that function and just blindly pick internet radio stations to play through my receiver from my sonos connect
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The Sonos way is much more fuctional. You should like it - check out the sonos app more and let us know any questions regarding playing. You can browse stations under the browse button - tunein. Or if you want to find a particular station go to Search then move the tab at top to stations and type in your search.
Ok so I hooked up my connect to my receiver to pump sound into my receivers speakers. My receiver is set to media player and I uploaded pics showing where my connect is running into and still no sound from my receiver speakers
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The media player 2 you are connected to on the Denon is an assignable port, you need to get the Denon manual and carefully go through the steps to get it assigned properly so you can use it. I love Denon gear, once it is set up and working but the setup or any changes are not simple.

On delay, the Denon will add a delay to your audio if you use any of the internal processing options. It may or may not be enough to bother you. Setting the Denon to direct mode will minimize the delay.

You can test the output of your connect using headphones, that will make sure you are getting sound out of it. With the complexity of the Denon gear that is a good step otherwise you could spend hours poking the Denon settings when you really had a Sonos settings issue, one much easier to resolve.
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It may be assigned to the optical digital input - you try running toslink cable from the connect digital out to the digital in on the Denon.
Well you have options now. You can play through just the receiver and speakers using the TV screen OR through the Sonos Connect. You can play music through just the Play:1s using the Sonos app. If you want everything to play together, group the Connect and Play:1s and use the Sonos app. I am sure Chris is right to say that you will be very happy with the whole setup.
The solution is to go to setup, input, select the right one , then set up ur correct connection mode. I mean optical, rca etc..sorry for my poor english, but hope will help !