Denon AVR X4000 with Connect losing speakers

  • 26 April 2019
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Hey Everyone,

I am setting up a connect in the living room and want to connect it to my Denon AVR X4000. I am using the optical input "CD" on the back and can play Spotify through my system. The problem is my system normally is FL CC FR and sub. When I switch over to Sonos it eliminates the center channel. Going through the other inputs the CC is there but not on the optical CD with the connect. It also doesn't seem to give me the ability to configure the speakers per input channel. Has anyone run into this before? Any advice? Thanks!


5 replies

The CONNECT is a stereo device, there is no center channel data being sent.
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Yea, I was doing a bit more research 🙂

Any-who as Airgetlam said there is no Center Channel data. However, according to the Denon AVR X4000 manual you can hear sound from multiple speakers (sans the CC) if you use the following Denon AVR X4000 setting. Cheers!

Sorry, AjTrek1 🙂 Just got back from the movie, was all excited to answer some questions.
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Let me guess. The Avengers ?
Is there any other movie this weekend? 🙂