Denon AVR - Soundbar - Alexa - Samsung TV

I have a Denon X3500H AVR that sends 4k HDR quality programming to my living area Samsung Q9F QLed via very high end HDBaseT Extenders. The speakers in this room are all passsive. From the same AVR on a different output I extend to my MBR. In this room I have a Sonos Sound bar and Sub which initially I planned on grabbing sound from another Samsung TV mounted above it. All areas have Alexa and I have one Alexa hub in the house. What I was wondering is whether I could play Spotify through the Soundbar via Zone 2 on the Denon. I may be way overthinking this, but another thing is that I use TiVo and that’s where I grab cable programming and Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, VUDU, etc. can I use the AVR that the TiVo routes through to push that sound to the Sonos? I guess I’m thinking I’m getting the sound from the TiVo, but through the Samsung rather than Zone 2. So there’s how crazy things get when you are dealing with “smart” stuff.

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