Connecting to wifi hot spot

We don't have a hardwired router any more but we do have our wifi hot spot. I have the hotspot hooked up to my computer and my sonos one ethernet cord hooked up to the computer. I can't get it to change from our old wifi to our wifi hot spot. Any suggestions? Is this doable?

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Not sure I completely understand, but I'll give it a go.

The Sonos One needs to be connected to a router with that ethernet cord, not your computer. Your computer doesn't act as a router in this instance. Do you still have a router? You don't have to have the router connected to the outside world in order to make the changes, you just need the local wifi, between the device that is your controller (PC/smartphone) and the Sonos One. Once you make the changes in the software to point it to the wifi hotspot, you could potentially remove that router...I think.

There's a bunch of caveats here, though, in my opinion. I've never tried this setup myself, and I'm trying to build a mental image based on your post. The first concern is that if the hotspot device itself is your phone, you won't be able to use the controller to manage the Sonos One. The controller needs to be on another device, in your case the PC would be fine. However, there does need to be communication between the PC and the Sonos One. As I say, I don't use a hotspot device, so I'm unclear as to whether it creates a network for devices that are connected to it to talk to each other or not. If not, you'll be in trouble, because the controller needs to be able to reach the Sonos One across a network connection, unless you're only using voice control and streaming music, never using local music from your PC/phone.

I hope this makes some sense. I'm sure others who are more network savvy than I will pop along and correct me where I"m a little off base, but I think I have the basics correct.


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