Connecting the Connect to a Yamaha RX-A730

  • 30 March 2017
  • 3 replies

Ok, I'm stumped and after having worked on this for the better part of a day, I'm ready to admit that I need help.
My Sonos Connect has two Ethernet ports. I have one connected to my router and the other is connected to my receiver. Using iPad apps, I can play music just fine using Yamaha's app Amazon Prime's app or Pandora's app using AirPlay. I'm trying to connect my Sonos Connect to my receiver (a Yamaha RX-A730). If I use a fiber optic cable, I can connect just fine. But to use the Yamaha's auto On feature, I have to connect via Ethernet. I have gone into the Yamaha's settings and specified the input as Server: Sonos.
Everyone's app except Sonos's seems to work just fine in this configuration.
Any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.

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3 replies

I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve here, but a couple of pieces of info that may help.

1. The other apps you mention are music playing apps. The Sonos app is not. It is a system controller and does no audio processing. The comparison with other apps isn't really meaningful.

2. The Ethernet ports on Sonos components are purely for network connections. The Ethernet link between the Connect and your receiver only provide one way your receiver can connect to your home network. There is no audio capability here either.

3. What you need to play audio is an audio connection from one of the Connect's outputs to the receiver, as you seem to have already done using the optical. That's end of story really, nothing more to be done.
On further thought, if what you are looking for is a "wake on LAN" response then I can't see how this is achievable - as the Ethernet connection between the Connect and receiver is not carrying the audio. WOL is not something I know a huge amount about though.
Sonos is unable to send WOL packets. If the Yamaha is able to respond to them you can always install a suitable app on the iPad. There are loads of simple WOL apps to choose from, and network scanners such as Fing often have an option to send a WOL packet too.