Connecting Sonos Arc to tv and projector

  • 8 August 2022
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Hi. Brand new to the Forum. I’m hoping someone can help with my issue.  I have a Sonos system (Arc, Sib and Ones) I want to be able to use either with a Samsung OLED TV (current) and a Sony 4K projector (not yet connected).  I’ve looked at various matrix switchers but am uncertain about which one to buy.  One that I saw in a video needs to connect using digital optical, so I’d lose Dolby Atmos, which I don’t want to do.  There seem also to be sync issues.  Doers anyone have any suggestions? Would be very grateful.  BTW, I also have an Onkyo TX-NR676E which I haven’t used since I bought the Sonos system.  It has an ARC HDMI Output, but I can’t figure out if that could satisfactorily function as a switcher or if it would just open up further issues 


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Sonos Arc needs an ARC connection. Your Samsung likely has ARC built in, but it’s unlikely that your projector does. And the ARC on the Onkyo is likely a pass through, and wouldn’t have the ability to create the ARC signal like your TV probably does. 

Most people who want to use a projector end up with either an HDFury Arcana, or the equivalent type of device from a company I recall as Feintech. Both of these devices are able to create an eARC signal from a normal HDMI input, and feed up to Atmos to the Sonos Arc. There are quite a few threads about this.