Connecting playbar wirelessly

  • 24 November 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi guys, just bought a playbar and the main reason I bought it was thinking it was wireless (minus power cable obviously). Looks like I absolutely need to use an optical cable? Problem is that im running a projector and all my wires run to the back of my room into a media center. I have no cables at all at the front of the room where my screen is located. I obviously dont want to leave my playbar at the back of the room. Any solutions ? Worth mentioning that I stream everything through my apple tv and my playstation and I have no cable provider. All my services run through my wifi network.

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3 replies

Hi. The Playbar is wireless in a networking sense, and between components in a 5.1 setup. It is not cable-less in an audio sense from a TV or other devices. I think you would struggle to find a soundbar that was. If everything that needs to connect to the Playbar has to stay at the back of the room then an optical or HDMI switch with optical out and a long optical cable are all I can think of.
Thanks John. I was just told that sonos actually make a "bridge" that can act as the medium for my issue (for another 350$!).
I think they mean the Connect. That is a possibility but with an audio lag and no possibility of surround sound. And you would need an analogue feed or a digital analog converter. This is not what the Connect was designed for